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  1. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Top 16s 📜

    This was SUCH a moment xD
  2. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Top 16s 📜

    top 16 favorite pairings - I'm sure I left a ton of faves off but here we go! 1. Ouchie 2. Professor Styx & Haden - such a model friendship :P 3. Jean & Lucien Snow 4. Ava Sparkles & Monty Pendleton 5. Lucien, Avie, and Esme 6. WAM- Wyatt, Asaiah, and Marisol 7. Amber Chou Wilson &...
  3. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Hogwarts: A Photo Challenge....

    Here's the link in case anyone else wants to see how it works before they sign up! ^_^
  4. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Y38 Electives Fair

    The professor chuckled at the question. "Let's see" she smirked as she shook her bag. "I'll do a simple one rune draw for this." The professor reached in, took out a rune, and placed it face up on the table. Her eyebrows raised. "Thurisaz. This rune does signify an important decision, one...
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    ~Graphics Competition~ 🎨

    A few more days!
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    HNZ Writing Competition ✍

    Only a few more days to submit an entry before we close the competition!
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    Get to know you!

    Yes, I love my Libby app because I'm terrible at keeping my Nook eReader charged so it's always nice to have Libby as my fall back.
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    OOC Superlative Nominations!

    Nominations will close soon so don't forget to get yours in! ^_^
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    Open Y38 S2 Gryffindor House Meeting

    Professor Kingsley couldn't believe how deep they were into the semester. Time had flown by. She'd been lost in school essays and lesson planning. It hadnt been unpleasant in the slightest, just very busy. She'd called a meeting as she did every now and again, posted a sign on the board...
  10. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Y38 Electives Fair

    "Some people use Runes as amulets like those over there" she pointed to the bracelets with rune symbols hanging off of them. "And some people etch them into their cauldrons or wands, but they're also used for readings." The professor gestured to the extra seat she had. "You can take a seat...
  11. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Closed New Life

    Cyndi Kingsley was psyched! Today was the day she would finally get to meet Kahurangi's baby. It had been a while since there had been a baby born within her own family, and she was in no rush to be a grandmother so she was eager to have the opportunity to be around a baby. And see her dear...
  12. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Y38 Electives Fair

    Professor Kingsley smiled as she listened to the additional questions. She disagreed with his personal assessment. He seemed quite bright. "There's no official tutoring but I would certainly be willing to meet with a student who needed some additional assistance, and I'm fairly certain...
  13. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Y38 Electives Fair

    "Isn't it, Elvera?" she replied to the Divination professor. It really was a beautiful day. Cyndi Kingsley finished setting up her table, having forgotten for a moment that she wouldn't be joined by her colleague as she usually was. It was going to be odd doing this event without her. She...
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    Hey second years! The electives fair is now open! ^_^
  15. Professor Cyndi Kingsley

    Y38 Electives Fair

    Professor Kingsley was happy to take her turn in setting up the tables and chairs for the electives fair this year. She hummed to herself as she used magic to move the furniture around, and then doing it again when she was unhappy with the first results. Hanging the banner that welcomed...
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    I'm back... Again

    Welcome back to the site, and no need to apologize for being away. Hope you and your loved ones are doing as well as you can during this difficult time.
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Hope you're all having a good start to the week! It's been a busy few weeks so let's get right into it! The semester is well underway! We're heading into week three of the semester tomorrow! As a reminder to professors, please don't forget to post your lessons as articles. I needed this...
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    What's The Question? 🤔

    We're at 6 right now but good guess! Hint: one of the current admin is part of the 7 :r
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    What's The Question? 🤔

    No, sorry! Maybe a better hint is: leaders