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  1. Charlie Helkovaara

    Closed Wait, What?

    Charlie didn't like to talk to unknown adults. But he was legitimately worried about something, and he was sure that his dad would tell him to talk to the Professor. He'd put it off for a few days, but after a bit he sighed and walked down to Professor Holland's office. He sighed, hesitating...
  2. Charlie Helkovaara

    Charlie Valtteri Helkovaara

    Charlie Valtteri Helkovaara Birthday: September 24, 2042 Astrological Sign: Libra Hair Color/Length: Sandy blond Eyes: Dark hazel Face: Rounded oval Clothing Style: Charlie is fond of graphic t-shirts and jeans Favorites: Food: Salmon soup Dessert: Blueberry pie Animals: Bats Drink: Root...
  3. Charlie Helkovaara

    Closed Starlight

    There was one thing about being out here that was better than home. Charlie had found his way up onto the towers, leaning against the railing and looking up at the sky. The stars here were just... beautiful. There were so many of them. He smiled, pulling his jacket a little tighter around him...
  4. Charlie Helkovaara

    Charlie Helkovaara

    Character name: Charlie Helkovaara Play-by: Jeremy Ray Taylor Photos: 1, 2, 3 Text on Banner: City Boys Stick Together Colour Scheme: something New York
  5. Charlie Helkovaara

    Closed Always Together

    Charlie had spent a night at the castle, and the next morning he found his way up to the owlery. He didn't like not talking to his dad every day. He found himself a nice corner, smiling as Kohaku fluttered down to rest on his shoulder. He stroked the little owl softly, opening up his notebook...
  6. Charlie Helkovaara

    Closed What's This?

    Charlie had been busy exploring the school, curious as to what he could see. He wanted his dad to know everything about this school, about this new life, about everything. He had been wondering around the school for a few hours, taking notes of things that looked interesting. He was on his way...
  7. Charlie Helkovaara

    Open Observing

    Charlie was slowly adjusting to being at school. Once he'd written to his dad he gathered his bag and his journal and walked outside. He wondered for a bit, not sure what he was looking for just yet. After a while he settled down outside, under a tree. He was watching a large group of kids...