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  1. Rory Grace

    Open Spin For Me

    Rory ran up the north tower steps 3 at a time, she burst through the door taking no notice of the people inside. There was a sudden flash of white light that engulfed the room followed by heavy purple smoke, “What the fu-” “Geez kid where’d you come from” Rory looked for the source of the...
  2. Rory Grace

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    Let’s be friends! We’re not in the same house tho :tut: but I’m sure you could balance out Rory’s harsh status quo
  3. Rory Grace

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    Rory and Theodore, Rory is a first year and looking for more of a best friend type. But it would be so cool if they could be best friends then one can fall for the other but they’re to afraid to stuff up the friendship. They’re really close too so there would be a lot to lose. Rory is smart...
  4. Rory Grace

    Open A bit lost

    Rory was admiring the views of the lake from the castle steps. Her eyes settled on an owl flying gracefully up to the owlery window- “Ouch. Cheers for my talent....” Rory noticed a first year griffindor trip on what appeared to be nothing, she let out a little laugh but snuffed it with her...
  5. Rory Grace


    Hey hey... it’s so cool that you’ve come back!
  6. Rory Grace

    I’m new too

    Heyyyyyy Wow geez Rory what a great way to introduce yourself. I’m new.... as you could probably gather. And um yeah, that’s it I guess. Hi ^_^.