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  1. Professor Kalif Styx

    Other Students List

    Here's an update on mine: Hogwarts Scotland Maise Verdereau 6 Gryffindor Andromeda Zhefarovich 6 Hufflepuff Brooklyn Vacarius 6 Slytherin Oceanus Kingston 5 Hufflepuff Hyperion Kingston 5 Ravenclaw Cole Dragonov 5 Slytherin Neven Lurken 5 Slytherin Peony Belrose 4 Gryffindor...
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    Make-Up Section

    If you have missed a lesson, simply use the form below. Name: House: Year: Lesson Missed: If you have any questions, throw me a PM. Professor Kalif Styx
  3. Professor Kalif Styx

    Seventh Years: Lesson Two

    Professor Styx entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and he made sure that everything was dimmer than it should be. He preferred the rooms darker, because he was used to being outside all the time when he taught Herbology in the past. Once all the seventh years entered, they were...
  4. Professor Kalif Styx

    Fifth Years: Lesson Two

    Going over spells that the class already knew left Professor Styx in a foul mood. However if someone dared complain, they would have their head on a plate and served to the Whomping Willow. However the students needed to learn these, even if they did not want to. It was all for the OWL course...
  5. Professor Kalif Styx

    Third Years: Lesson Two

    Today, Professor Styx was in a sour mood, which was not what one would want to see from the Slytherin Head of House. He sat behind his desk, and he had the doors shut, but once he saw it was time for allow the third years in, he waved his hand and the doors opened. They came in and sat down. He...
  6. Professor Kalif Styx

    Second Years: Lesson Two

    Professor Styx looked as though he had not moved an inch from the last lesson, as he was leaning against his desk with his arms folded across his chest. The second years were soon to arrive and once everyone was seated, Professor Styx had a really good question for them all, but he doubted that...
  7. Professor Kalif Styx

    First Years: Lesson Two

    Professor Styx glanced up at the time and he realized that it was, once again, time for the first years to return to their lessons, and this time, he had to teach them. This lesson was about a certain someone that he knew all about - even met once or twice. Professor Styx was in fact a Death...
  8. Professor Kalif Styx

    Happy Birthday Claire!! 🦄

    I hope you have a great one, Claire!
  9. Professor Kalif Styx

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    That’s fine, Mia, thank you! I started the last (I think) of the threads that I said that I would: Mihail x Sierra and Violeta x Sam. Now that those are good to go, I am getting to replies soon, as my flu and illness has finally started to lift a little bit!
  10. Professor Kalif Styx

    Staff & Professors Meeting 2048

    Professor Kalif Styx loathed meetings, only because he didn’t care for a crowd. Kids were different, since he had control over them, to an extent. As he lingered against a wall, well away from anyone except Professor Burke, Kalif listened to the deputy headmaster and the headmistress. The events...
  11. Professor Kalif Styx

    Come on and SPAM!

    I go to work in the dark, and leave when it is still dark. Daylight savings time took away that little moment of light for me when I left work xD
  12. Professor Kalif Styx

    And lose, Haden.

    And lose, Haden.
  13. Professor Kalif Styx

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    Hey guys I’ll be getting to this soon. I managed to hurt my back so I can do limited things.
  14. Professor Kalif Styx

    Get to know you!

    I e seen three of the four Great Lakes in the US but as far as oceans I’ve only seen the Atlantic. I’ve also seen the Gulf of Mexico from Florida.
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    Hope you get moved in quickly! I know it is highly stressful!
  16. Professor Kalif Styx

    HNZ Drinking Game

    Every time Misha confuses a death threat or insult from Styx for endearment
  17. Professor Kalif Styx

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    Cyrus is always open to having lots of friends! Since I owe some people some topics, would you mind starting something for me? Clara: Perfect! I got them down in my watch list, and should have the Violeta one up soonish.
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    Welcome back, my dear!
  19. Professor Kalif Styx

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    Sounds like a good plan, can’t wait to see their development ^_^ Luckily, I am good with such threads. He might actually be more open to talk now, hopefully.
  20. Professor Kalif Styx

    Reaching out (for plots!)

    All right, so here is the one for Cyrus x Ren: And here is the one for Cyrus x Samantha: Violeta x Sam: I think that Sam would approach first, since Violeta doesn't really initiate...