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  1. Samuel Phillips

    Get to know you!

    :D:wub: and ^_^ are probably the ones I use most, but the :teehee::devious: are ones I wish I used more often!
  2. Samuel Phillips

    Happy Birthday Claire!! 🦄

    Happy Birthday!! Have a great day :wub:
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    :woot: Hope the move goes well!!
  4. Samuel Phillips


    Welcome! :D
  5. Samuel Phillips


    Welcome! :D
  6. Samuel Phillips


    Welcome back! I think I vaguely remember you from those years ago! It's great you've decided to return and hopefully we have a chance to rp in the future :D
  7. Samuel Phillips

    Get to know you!

    I've mostly seen the Pacific, from living in NZ and even when I've been to other places like the United States and China it's always been around the Pacific ocean. I've seen the Tasman sea from traveling to Australia as well, and a few other seas around China and Singapore from when I was on a...
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    Welcome :D
  9. Samuel Phillips

    Character Spotlight - March!

    Congrats Donna!! Analei is an amazing character :wub:
  10. Samuel Phillips

    I’m new too

    Welcome! :D
  11. Samuel Phillips

    Leather Jackets & Stuff

    Welcome :D
  12. Samuel Phillips

    What's the best new reaction?

    I say it's love because it's better than a like and everyone needs love alright :shy:
  13. Samuel Phillips

    💿 Software Update for HNZ!

    These updates are awesome!! Circle avatars have been popular on tumblr for a little while and I think it will be fun at least to play around in photoshop and see how these avs could look with round borders since that's what I'm used to :D The reactions are by far the coolest thing, though :wub:
  14. Samuel Phillips

    Mission Accomplished

    Great to see you back!!
  15. Samuel Phillips

    Going to Be Slow

    Thanks for the kind messages everyone!! It means so much :wub: This can be archived since I think I'm able to be less slow for a little while.
  16. Samuel Phillips

    Get to know you!

    For me it's for sure a tie between the scouring charm and the cheering charm, it would be great to clean easily and also cheer people up if they need it! :wub:
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    Not sure if this counts as a meme, but it is for sure how I feel whenever I try to write lately xD View:
  18. Samuel Phillips

    HNZ meet-ups!

    Seems only fitting with the site being set in NZ :P though kings cross station is also a great option xD
  19. Samuel Phillips

    Course Work and Moving

    Good luck! Hope everything goes well!
  20. Samuel Phillips

    Bi-Weekly Update!

    Thanks for the update!!! Graduation is going to be here before we know it and I'm sad :cry: On a happier note, congrats to Kaye :wub: