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  1. Kace Corelli

    Closed Flirting With The Stars

    It didn't take long for Kace to reach the north tower. He exited Gryffindor's common room after his small chat with a fellow prefect. Kace made them aware that he was going to meet Chloe on what would be their first date or whatever label they were going for here. The Gryffindor went onto...
  2. Kace Corelli

    Open Go Ninja, Go!

    Kace dressed up as Mikey from TMNT busted right through the double doors and throwing up the cowabunga sign in a way that Mikey would do in the comics he read. "Yo, if there's no pizza, then I guess I'm dancing!"
  3. Kace Corelli

    Open Flappy Gums

    Kace stormed the castle, searching far and wide for a certain Hufflepuff. He warned the boy, he gave him chances to back down. But no, Abian kept running his gums. And he wasn't the only one butting into Kace and Amaya's business. Some of his family members were also poking their nose in where...
  4. Kace Corelli

    Closed Okay Is Alright With Me

    Kace went out into the courtyard to find a spot to clear his head. He wasn't so much as freaking out anymore, just getting used to the changes that are happening around him. Kace used to be pretty adaptable to most things when he was younger. Guess most things meant he was great with moving to...
  5. Kace Corelli

    Kace Corelli

    Kace Corelli👣 Gryffindor👣 Hype 👣Twelve 👣 Yankee I GOT THE MAGIC IN ME EVERY TIME I TOUCH THAT TRACK, IT TURNS INTO GOLD Name 👣 Kace Baron Corelli 👣 Kace - Courageous and Vigilant 👣 Baron - A Nobleman 👣 Corelli - Italian Origin, Meaning Unknown Age 👣Twelve 👣Date of Birth - April...
  6. Kace Corelli

    Yellow for Kauri boy!

    Kace heard word about Kauri hanging around in the courtyard. Kace went looking for the older boy, hoping who told him was right. Bouncing down the steps outside the castle, Kace landed on the last step and then rushed over to the courtyard. "Kauri, K, Kauri, hey K, where are you?!" Kace shouted...
  7. Kace Corelli

    Yellow for Cyzarine!

    Kace did one more delivery for Gryffindor's table. There were more on the list, however, Kace only spotted one on his list that was nearby. A fellow first year named, Cyzarine had a yellow rose with her name on it. Kace stepped in front of the girl's view, Kace twirled in place and gave up the...
  8. Kace Corelli

    Yellow for Rose!

    Kace was on a roll, he may have started at noon time but he was handing out roses like a cupid, speed demon. Ugh! Kace just thought of something while he headed over to his house table. He should've dressed up all in red to go along with the Valentine's theme. Next time, he thought as he moved...
  9. Kace Corelli

    Yellow for Ava!

    Kace had only one rose to deliver to a Ravenclaw student, so he made the easy decision of combing the great hall right after delivering a rose to a Hufflepuff. Kace bounced on his heels and stopped rather abruptly when someone just so happens to mention the student's name. Kace, quickly plop...
  10. Kace Corelli


    Not everyone happen to be on the fourth floor when Kace was handing out roses. He had two more left for two Hufflepuff so he headed down to the Great Hall, where many would be having lunch about this time. Kace skipped on towards the Hufflepuff's table and stood at the end picking up a yellow...
  11. Kace Corelli

    Yellow for Abian, dude!

    Thanks to the list being colored or house coordinated, Kace didn't have to go running around school tracking students down. He kinda, sort did however, calling students out. Being loud and obnoxious, chasing other Hufflepuffs to know the whereabouts the students on his list. The next person he...
  12. Kace Corelli

    Yellow is Mellow!

    Kace had totally forgot he signed for this whole roses business, thing. While everyone was running around in the morning making their rounds, Kace went to get his basket before noon. He didn't have any class today anyways, it really didn't matter what time he get the roses, as long as he...
  13. Kace Corelli

    Closed Chillaxing!

    Kace jumped down the final steps before he bolted out the front doors. It was like a burst of energy released once his last final lesson came to an end. Don't get him wrong, he quite enjoyed his classes. Mostly the fun part when he was allowed to use his wand and he was up on his feet not having...
  14. Kace Corelli

    Old School Week Pancakes!

    Kace enter the great hall hungry for something sweet for breakfast. Kace scan the long table surveying the breakfast buffet, nothing call for his attention until he saw a whole stack of fluffy, warm looking pancakes. "Oh yeah! Pancakes," Kace jump to nearest spot on the bench and started loading...