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  1. Knox Ivers

    Closed Fresh Air and Feelings

    Set after the 2052 Yule Ball. The sun was setting later than usual, truly reminding Knox and surely all of Hogwarts that summer was well and underway in New Zealand. It changed Knox’s sleep patterns and otherwise messed with his mind, but the sense of twilight in the sky as the yule ball ended...
  2. Knox Ivers

    Closed Picture Perfect

    Knox smiled, handing the glass to Clifton and feeling happy that the night was going well so far. He then sipped from his drink, though suddenly felt it go down the wrong pipe from shock when he heard commotion from a distance. Turning to the source of the sound, Knox felt his jaw drop slightly...
  3. Knox Ivers

    Closed Picture Perfect

    Knox nodded and smiled, pleased Clifton liked the idea of getting drinks and hanging out. Knox really was winging it, not knowing what was expected of him on a date but as long as Clifton seemed comfortable, Knox figured he couldn’t be failing too terribly at it. Drinks did seem like the right...
  4. Knox Ivers

    Graphics Request

    Character's Name: Knox Ivers Banner Type: Whatever you think is best! *Banner Size: 500x200 Images on banner: I like this picture!! But if it is difficult to work with feel free to let me know and I can provide others! *Background Image: Whatever works. Text on banner: Knox Ivers *Fonts on...
  5. Knox Ivers

    Closed Picture Perfect

    Knox wouldn’t say he was nervous, exactly, for the yule ball and going on a date with Clifton, but he wasn’t completely confident either. Knox was curious more than anything to how the night would go, and to find out why when he drank the felix felicis for his potions lesson, it resulted in him...
  6. Knox Ivers

    Yule Ball

    Knox Ivers with Clifton Ward
  7. Knox Ivers

    Closed Fortune and Favour

    In usual circumstances, Knox would have felt insecure about explaining his situation to Clifton, worrying Clifton would reject him and think he was weird for asking him to the yule ball so abruptly. Especially after what happened with Simon. But with the influence of felix felicis, Knox remained...
  8. Knox Ivers

    Closed Fortune and Favour

    Knox nodded his head again, still feeling confident as ever. “Clifton!” He repeated so he wouldn’t forget, liking that he finally had a name to go along with Clifton’s face. He smiled wider, nodding along to Clifton’s words, and not letting Clifton’s hesitance deter him from answering the...
  9. Knox Ivers

    Closed Fortune and Favour

    Despite the other boy’s understandable confusion at the question, Knox felt confident and sure of himself, and as if his confidence was unbreakable. Without so much as a pause between the boy’s question Knox responded in kind with a nod of his head, not hesitating to repeat the question because...
  10. Knox Ivers

    Closed Fortune and Favour

    It all happened so fast, Knox didn’t even have time to register what was happening in front of him, until it was all over and he held an expensive camera in his hands. It almost happened in slow motion, watching the boy in front of him trip over and the camera fly into the air, and then holding...
  11. Knox Ivers

    Closed Fortune and Favour

    Drinking the felix felicis had Knox feeling renewed and energetic, and as if anything and everything he wanted to happen would happen if he willed it to. As if he were invincible and powerful and he could materialize his wildest dreams just by thinking about them and wishing for them to appear...
  12. Knox Ivers

    What are you listening to?

    Darkside - Blink 182
  13. Knox Ivers

    Quidditch Game: Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor

    Knox was excited for Gryffindor's first quidditch game of the year. He had fun in practice and knew he likely wouldn't be playing that day, but he was ready to support his team in whichever way they needed, and smilied at Lysander's words before sitting on the bench as the game began. He cheered...
  14. Knox Ivers

    Perfect Match

    Eric and Knox because Connor would feel mad awks =)) Just kidding, I do like Eric and Minnie!!
  15. Knox Ivers

    Y37 Gryffindor Practice S1

    again sorry for the lack of posts!! Continually ignoring the pain in his side, Knox followed Sully, and then Chloe, and then Noel, trying to keep his eyes on the quaffle and focus on his role as a chaser despite how much pain he felt. Knox smiled when Noel had possession again and followed him...
  16. Knox Ivers

    Y37 Gryffindor Practice S1

    Knox noticed Sully was flying close by, and tried to fly faster to get away from, eventually reaching the north hoops. Knox threw the quaffle with all his might to the far left hoop and swore under his breath when his attempt failed. Swerving back to follow whichever chaser caught the quaffle...
  17. Knox Ivers

    Gryffindor Quidditch Team

    Name: Knox Ivers House team: Gryffindor Position played: Alt Chaser
  18. Knox Ivers

    Brotherhood of Magic

    Name: Knox Ivers House: Gryffindor Year: Fifth
  19. Knox Ivers

    Head People and Prefects

    Name: Knox Ivers House: Gryffindor Year: Fifth
  20. Knox Ivers

    Fifth Years

    Name: Knox Ivers House: Gryffindor