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  1. Emily Underwood

    Closed The start of something new

    Emily was extremely excited, but also overly nervous. She and Ty were going to the ball together, as what she had no clue, but together it was. Her parents had brought her a beautiful red dress with a lovely lace bodice. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach and every other organ that had...
  2. Emily Underwood

    Open 🎨 CAC Y37 S1 - Christmas Cards and Yule Ball invitations

    Since this club isn't official everyone is allowed to join the fun! The more the merrier. This means all year, Professors too if they are in need of some Christmas cards. Picture credit from Google Emily found it hard to prepare for these events alone. She couldn't find anyone to duo these...
  3. Emily Underwood


    Heeeelloow! Name of the character: Emily Underwood Play By: Odeya Rush Text on banner: Emily Underwood Color scheme: Blues, Nudes, Light tones Images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Other: Thanks in advance <3 Know that you are amazing
  4. Emily Underwood

    🍪 CAC Y36 S2 - Baking with Elves

    Emily had enjoyed the first event that they had done, now it was time for the second. This event required more effort and she had asked several people for their help. There were a couple of house elves ready to help the students with their recipes, alongside the elves was the headmistress. She...
  5. Emily Underwood

    Open CAC Y36 S1 - Create your own Christmas Baubles

    It was only recently that Emily had learned she was chosen as the representative to revive the Conglomerated Arts club. The task was way too big to take on alone and thus two people were chosen as leaders. Alongside Emily was Maggie, whom she had met once or twice to make sure this event was...
  6. Emily Underwood

    Closed The Solution

    Emily was sure she found the solution to her problem and she had informed Tyler to come to the library as soon as he could. She had send a letter to him and hoped he would be here soon. In the last potions lesson she got herself a tiny vial of liquid luck. She knew she couldn't go and use it at...
  7. Emily Underwood

    Closed The Pen Pal Program

    Dear Percival Reed, My name is Emily Underwood and I am a fifth year Ravenclaw (a house at Hogwarts). I am currently in my OWL year and I just had my try out for the Quidditch team so that is exciting. How are you doing? I don't really know what to write more, I hope to get to know you better...
  8. Emily Underwood

    Emily's Banner

    Hello! Character's Name: Emily Underwood Banner Type: Normal Celebrity you're using: Odeya Rush Images: 1 2 3 4 Text on banner: Emily Underwood Fonts on banner: Up to you. Colour Scheme: Blue hues Other: This will be the age up to adult banner :) THAAANKS <3
  9. Emily Underwood

    Emily her first graphic ;)

    Hello! Character's Name: Emily Underwood Banner Type: Blend Celebrity you're using: Odeya Rush Images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (Black and white is okay) 7 Text on banner: Emily Underwood Fonts on banner: Your choice ;) Colour Scheme: Too bright colours are a no-no Other: THAAANKS <3