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  1. Aerin Park

    Open All Things Merry & Bright

    After getting ready in the student lounge with Jordie, Aerin walked with him to the yule ball, her cane in one of her hands. She could already hear the music coming from the great hall, it was lovely. The two weren’t late at all, in fact they had made it just in time for Professor Alicastell’s...
  2. Aerin Park

    Letter Updates

    #1 Dear Mom & Dad, I hope this letter finds you in good health, I'm writing the first of my update letters with the magic quill you purchased for me. I'm enjoying myself in school and it'll be exams before I know it. Hogwarts is quite an interesting thing, and I've learnt quite a lot...
  3. Aerin Park

    Closed Flying Blind

    plot ID #101759 (After Lesson 2) Aerin found her way to the Professor's office. She had a issue she had to talk to her with and she hoped the Professor would allow her proposition. She couldn't believe that they would make students take the class, even with the fear of heights thing, so she had...
  4. Aerin Park

    Aerin Park

    Aerin Park BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Aerin Park (Eh-rin Park) NICKNAMES: Erin, Rin NAME: 愛璘 애린 [ Aerin ] can mean: bright, shine, clear spirit or lovely gem. (In Chinese her name is pronounced Ai Lin, which roughly translates to love, luster of gem ) Park or Bak (박), is the...
  5. Aerin Park

    Open Hey, Watch It!

    Aerin stood, leaning on her white cane. She was waiting for her parents to come back from a shop as she told them more than many times that she didn’t really want to go shopping. Boa lay beside Aerin, wearing it’s vest that read “service dog” on the side. Aerin was thinking of hogwarts, the...
  6. Aerin Park

    Banner for Aerin!

    Hi! :) Name of the character: Aerin Park Play By: Shin Ye Eun Text on banner: Park Aerin (Or Aerin Park) Color scheme: Light green greys (Something like this) or light blue/lavender Images: 1 2 3 4 (Any of these are ok, but if you want to choose another photo that's ok too, as long as it's not...