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  1. Rowan Baros

    My old one died

    Character's Name: Rowan Baros Banner Type: Whatever you can work with, I'm not fussed about size. Celebrity you're using: Acacia Brinley (Acacia Clark, Acacia Kersey) Images: This Text on banner: Rowan Baros Colour Scheme: Bright, she's into poems and photography if they helps. she's currently...
  2. Rowan Baros

    Character Interview with Rowan Baros

    personal what is your real, birth name? what name do you use? “Rowan Kylie Baros. That's all there is to it. I don't have any cool reasons for the names either, just Rowan, just Kylie and my Dad's last name was Baros. Elsie at least got Mom's middle name, but what did I get? Nothing, nothing...
  3. Rowan Baros

    Closed Boggart Betrayal

    Rowan was still trying to calm herself down as she tossed back whatever the nurse had handed her to calm down. She had no does what it was, but she was still shaking and the nurse had left her on the bed to see to another patient. Rowan face was blotchy and red from the crying and he wand was...
  4. Rowan Baros

    Closed Duck Walk

    Rowan hadn’t necessarily expected or even really though that Ilija would keep his promise to come on an early morning Duck wall with her. It was just getting light on a Saturday, which meant she’d carefully rolled out of bed so as not to disturb Elio, before grabbing Matilda and heading outside...
  5. Rowan Baros

    Open Dancing in the Dark

    Rowan had absolutely no idea why she'd thought it would be a good idea to go to the Forbidden Forest. She knew she was likely going to get into trouble, but since last year had gotten interrupted, she'd been meaning to go back and just never had the chance. She had to babysit a bunch of first...
  6. Rowan Baros

    Restricted Letter Answers

    Hi guys! Time for another new game me thinks! So I got this idea off of another forum game a while back, but I changed it around a little to make it a little more challenging. So! What you have to do is answer the question above you. The trick is, you can not use any words that contain the...
  7. Rowan Baros

    Closed Battlefield

    There was something about being on her own for the first time in a long time that legitimately terrified Rowan. Her emotions were still frayed from her conversation with Elio and she still, despite what she'd said, had to physically stop herself from seeking him out whenever she was bored, or...
  8. Rowan Baros

    Closed The Way I Feel Inside

    Rowan and Elio had walked to the lake in total silence. She was incredibly nervous and she just had no idea how all of this was going to play out. This could all go so terribly wrong. She hadn't slept a wink last night and she knew he'd be able to see it plainly on her face. She had no make up...
  9. Rowan Baros


    Okay so I'm biting the bullet. Lemme see them pretties!! Character's Name: Rowan Baros Banner Type: Whatever you can work with, I'm not fussed about size. Celebrity you're using: Acacia Brinley (Acacia Clark, Acacia Kersey) Images: This Text on banner: Rowan Baros Colour Scheme: Bright, she's...
  10. Rowan Baros

    Open Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead

    Things annoyed Rowan. Lot's of things annoyed Rowan and most of it was in association with herself, but what probably annoyed Rowan the most, was that these other things annoyed her so much. They were small things that annoyed her, Elsie not saying good morning to her at breakfast, Elsie saying...
  11. Rowan Baros

    Open Round Two

    The last time Rowan had attended a Valentine's Day dance had not gone particularly well for the then fourteen year old. But Fifteen was a new age, and she was hoping that this dance would not be ruined like the last one. Of course she doubted that would happen at all, since things were...
  12. Rowan Baros

    Open Earth laughs in flowers

    Rowan had managed to figure out that Juniper was a second year, which meant she should be in Herbology right now. So Rowan waited outside until they started filtering out, hoping one of them would realise what she wanted. "Hey, Juniper Steele!" yellow rose for @Juniper Steele
  13. Rowan Baros

    Open Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world

    Lysander was in Rowan's house, and she'd heard Zennon talk about him a couple of times, so having two roses for him was great. It shortened her list a little and meant she didn't have as many to deliver. "Hey, Summers!" He was the Professor's kid too, so... she was pretty sure almost everyone...
  14. Rowan Baros

    Open Politeness is the flower of humanity

    The student lounge seemed like as good of an option as any. Seeing as Rowan had checked a couple of other places that people hung out, this was one she hadn't checked yet, so she had some kinda feeling about it. Hopefully. "Hey, anyone in here Olivia? I have a rose I need to deliver." She said...
  15. Rowan Baros

    Open Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.

    "Hi, do you know Arinna Desai?" She asked as the students walked through the doors. "Hey, Arinna Desai?" She wasn't having much luck as yet, but she was sure it would come soon. "Arinna? Desai?"
  16. Rowan Baros

    Open Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

    Rowan pretty much didn't know any of the older students, especially if they weren't in her house. Shane Ackely was certainly a name she was unfamiliar with, but mostly she hoped she could get a hold of them. "Anyone know Shane? Ackley... seventh year?" pink rose @Shane Ackley
  17. Rowan Baros

    Open Love is flower like; Friendship is like a sheltering tree

    Rowan looked at the list of people she had to deliver to and grinned. She knew a few names on the list thankfully. She looked up as she almost walked into someone and laughed. "Oh, Alice! I'm glad I ran into you, I have a rose with your name on it!" She said quickly brandishing the rose to the...
  18. Rowan Baros

    Making my way back

    Hi all, sorry for disappearing. Basically what happened was I’ve been having a hard time with my Uncle’s death, and I’m still processing. He’d been living with us for near six months as we looked after him. My Uncle has been sick for years and recently he’d mentioned wanting to go into a home...
  19. Rowan Baros

    Closed Your Sweet Sixteen

    Rowan had been up all night, she was not the best cook at all. There were certain dishes that she knew how to make because she made them regularly, but generally speaking she was not a cook. Danish foods especially were not the sort of thing she was used to at all. As such, nothing was right...
  20. Rowan Baros

    Rowan Kylie Baros

    Rowan Kylie Baros It's you, it's always you If I'm ever gonna fall in love I know it's gon' be you Met a lot of people, but nobody feels like you Name: Rowan Kylie Baros First Name Meaning: "little red head" First Name Origin: Scottish and Irish Middle Name Meaning: "a boomerang" Middle Name...