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  1. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Banner for Hilda

    Character name: Hildegard de Valériane Celebrity used: Winona Ryder Photos: 1 2 3 4 Colour Scheme: Red and Yellow
  2. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Vacation Camp

    Hey everybody ,i'm not going to be a lot active during 2 weeks because i'm at a vacation Camp. Talk to you soon guys :hug:
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    Open A Little Bit Late

    Hilda came running in front of the great hall, she had woken up from her nap a little too late, having seen the time, put on a simple red dress and had quickly descended the stairs towards the event. She walked out of breath in the direction of the buffet in order to get something to drink, the...
  4. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Closed A little time together

    It was almost the end of the holidays and Hilda was busy going on expeditions and exploring the castle with her friends who had stayed.But there was a place she was not yet going to, it was the abandoned classroom, in addition to being a place where some students liked to hang out, it was a...
  5. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Open The First Ball

    Hilda arrived in front of the Great Hall a little stressed, she had seen lots of people coming in duo and she wondered if some of her friends had come alone too. She glanced at her dress in the hallway mirror, before taking a deep breath and entering the hall. Arriving at the level of the...
  6. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Closed An unusual meeting

    Hilda had a lot of stress because of the exams, so she had decided to go for a ride to the lake, the girl had therefore taken a small bag with things to eat, a towel and diving glasses, time today he was not too cold despite the fact that we were not so far from winter. She arrived near the...
  7. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Open Exams' revisions

    Hilda arrived in the library early in the afternoon, she paced the shelves of books for a few minutes before going to a table and spreading out all the works on it. The girl had normally an appointment with her friends So she sat down and started to revise a book on the courses of Charms, she...
  8. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Open Muddy walk

    (open after Long walk here with @Eustace Ross ) Hilda and Eustace had arrived near the place of their walk, as it had rain earlier in the day, the birds were therefore out looking for worms and most of the students were staying inside which made a fairly calm atsmophere so she and her friend...
  9. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Open Ghostly cake

    Hilda was disappointed she hadn't had the chance to meet ghosts on Halloween, but we had told her about a place on the fifth floor where some people had seen a few appearances. The young Gryffindor had therefore prepared her equipment which consisted of a camera and a cake which she had prepared...
  10. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Hildegard De Valériane~Family ,Friends and Others

    Her Father Name: Ambrose Salomon Age: 48 Job: Curse-Breaker Relationship status: divorced Ambrose was born on August 23, 2003 in New Zealand. His childhood is going pretty well although his father is not very present. At 11 he was admitted to Hogwarts (in New Zealand) and was placed in...
  11. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Closed A cooking afternoon

    One afternoon when there were no lessons, Hilda went down to the kitchens for the first time, of course she introduced herself to the house elves and asked them if she could cook in a small corner of the room,they agreed on the condition that she would clean everything away after cooking ,she...
  12. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Open Ghost hunting

    It was almost the end of the evening and Hilda hadn't seen ghosts, every time they had one she narrowly missed them. She started to think that the ghosts were allergic to her. So she was put in a strategic place where she saw the whole hall and she mainly ate candy as usual , she had been...
  13. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Open Is scaring someone a good way to get to know one another?

    Hilda had just finished eating her candy plate when she spotted her future victim. Her friend Eustace was still talking with Sophia but maybe Lily would like to be her prank partner but she seemed busy, maybe she would join her later. Hilda sneaked through the crowd, when she arrives next to the...
  14. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Closed Yummy breakfast

    Hilda got up early, she went down to the Great Hall to have breakfast, she sat at the table where there were only a few people at the moment but she expected to see a crowd of hungry students enter the Hall at any time. She poured herself a cup of hot chocolate and had some butter toast .A few...
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    Open Night walk

    That night, it had been several hours since Hilda had been trying to fall asleep, exasperated she decided to go for a walk, she took Myrddin (her weasel) and bundled her in her dressing gown before discreetly leaving the dormitory. She went through the common room to go to the corridors, it was...
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    Closed ...

  17. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Closed Ricochet

    Hilda was spending time alone; she had started exploring the rest of her afternoon exploring the lakeside. She discovered there the place called Avie's Rock, her new friends had told her about it, this place was called like that in honor of a student who unfortunately died. Hilda took some...
  18. Hildegard de Valeriane

    Hildegard De Valériane

    Hildegard de Valériane And she embraced the chaos as it painted her life with purpose Name: Hildegard de Valériane Nickname:Hilda,Hilde Meaning :Hildegard is a female name derived from the Old High German hild ('war' or 'battle') and gard ('protection'), and means 'battle guard' ) ...
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    Hilda Banner

    Hello everyone would it be possible to make me a banner please Name: Hildegard De Valériane Face Claim: Winona Ryder Images: one two three four Text: Hildegard De Valériane Color: Dark Red Type : do what you want :) thank you in advance :D