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  1. Samantha Jacobs

    Plot Things

    That's okay! Sure! I'd be happy to do that :D
  2. Samantha Jacobs

    Character Spotlight: Spooktober!

    Thank you! But I don't have anything big planned for her at this stage at the moment! :)
  3. Samantha Jacobs

    The Bi-Weekly Update!

    Thanks for the update! ✨
  4. Samantha Jacobs

    Happy Birthday Rowan!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :party:🎉
  5. Samantha Jacobs

    Last Letter, New Person

    Amanda Seyfried
  6. Samantha Jacobs

    Name Three Game!

    Cappuccino, Iced Coffee, Espresso Name three HNZ IC Hufflepuff characters!
  7. Samantha Jacobs

    Perfect Match

    Eric and Minnie!
  8. Samantha Jacobs

    Mate, Date or SLATE

  9. Samantha Jacobs

    What are you listening to?

    Heartbreak Weather - Niall Horan
  10. Samantha Jacobs

    Closed New Kid On The Block

    Samantha's eyes widen a little as her cousin mentions the name of her boyfriend. "Michhhaeeellll," Samantha says as she exaggerates Michael's name, laughing a little and gently pushing her cousin in a joking matter. She hadn't been surprised with more of Michael's antics, as she had spent more...
  11. Samantha Jacobs

    Closed Strolling and Patrolling

    Samantha was going on patrol, as it was part of her role of being a Prefect. This part of the role had made Samantha nervous. She wasn't a strict or tough person. So she wasn't sure what she was going to do if she caught someone. She was too nice for that sort of thing. Sam was also nervous that...
  12. Samantha Jacobs

    I would like that :)

    I would like that :)
  13. Samantha Jacobs

    What’s up? 💛

    What’s up? 💛
  14. Samantha Jacobs

    Happy Birthday Anna & Alex

    Happy Birthday you guys!! 🎉
  15. Samantha Jacobs

    Closed New Kid On The Block

    Samantha rolls her eyes jokingly as he teased a little, not surprised by his antics. "Oh shush you, But that's good to hear," Samantha says with a smile, as he teased her about her Prefect position, and laughed a little when he had mentioned about the accent part. Though she wasn't surprised...
  16. Samantha Jacobs

    Open The Village People

    "I still think its a cool idea," Samantha says with a giggle. Samantha hadn't experience having matching Halloween outfits with anyone before, so she had thought that it was a cool idea. "I think it was called Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Not totally sure, my friend made me watch it" Samantha...
  17. Samantha Jacobs

    Open The Village People

    Samantha smiled and looked down at her dress as Padme complimented her dress. "Thanks," Samantha says with a small smile and giggle before looking back up to her friend while nodding, as she explained her outfit. She had found the costume rather interesting, as she had never seen anything like...
  18. Samantha Jacobs

    Plot Things

    Yep! that sounds good! We could do one with Giselle and Ivy first? and see how that goes? and then we can do Richard and Ivy later? Whose thread would you like to start? :)
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    Adult plots

    Yeah, I can totally do that - ill send a thread your way soon! *also quickly finds as a costume for Quinn*