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  1. Eustacia Lancaster

    Closed Self-Preservation

    Admin Approval #30226429 It was late. The moon hung high in the starlit sky, and the night air was cool and crisp. Silence permeated a small, quiet cemetery somewhere in New Zealand's north island, unfrequented by the non-magical population. It was, for the most part, wizards who were lain to...
  2. Eustacia Lancaster

    Essence of Eternity

    [adminapproval=30226429]The Scitorari had been particularly quiet and withdrawn from the public eye recently, but that didn't mean nothing was being done behind the scenes. They were, after all, seekers of knowledge and truth at their very core. Eustacia spent much of her time pouring over...
  3. Eustacia Lancaster

    The Ministry Lies

    [font=New Times Roman][color=black]Obsidian Harbor was a popular location among the wizarding community of New Zealand, with its streets a constant bustle of magical men and women coming to and from the array of stores that lined its cobbled paths. But today, the bustle was more concentrated in...
  4. Eustacia Lancaster

    Eustacia Lancaster

    image NAME Eustacia Eris Lancaster 'Eustacia', of Greek origin, means 'fruitful' 'Eris', of Greek origin, after the goddess of strife and discord 'Lancaster', of Old English origin, meaning 'fort on the lune' DATE OF BIRTH November 3rd 19-- PLACE OF BIRTH England CURRENT RESIDENCE...