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  1. Agnieszka Norgaard

    No way out

    Agnes couldn't remember the last time she felt okay. She didn't want to be reminded of the last few hours she'd had with Elsie that morning on July 12th, right before her world broke around her. People would for the most part, continue on as though nothing had ever happened. Kids still went to...
  2. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Agnieszka Norgaard

    A G N I E S Z K A . N O R G A A R D - - w h a t w e d o i s s e c r e t - - S A R C A S T I C . O P E N M I ND E D . L O Y A L . P R I V A T E . R U T H L E S S FULL NAME Agnieszka Norgaard DATE OF BIRTH April 2nd 2036 CURRENT AGE Fifteen BLOOD STATUS Half Blood NATIONALITY PolishHOME...
  3. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Closed Bad start to the year

    Agnes had left her first lesson of the year as quickly as she possibly could, not wanting to get caught in a talk with her Head of House most of all. It was one thing to play off her emotions because her best friend had died, but talking about Elsie at all wasn't the easiest thing to do and it...
  4. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Agnes Norgaard

    AGNIESZKA NORGAARD SOCIAL CIRCLE BEST FRIENDS Elsie Baros FRIENDS Elio Zephyr Tyler Lee Rowan Baros Zennon Baros Ilija Olaf ACQUAINTANCES Mordred Cavanaugh Luna Urquhart-Cade Jasper Lockwood Vegeta Arai DISLIKED None ENEMIES None FAMILY IMMEDIATE Jack Norgaard (Previously Kain -...
  5. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Closed More than meets the eye

    The only time Agnes felt like she was making any progress with anything was when she in the hospital wing, observing the nurses and doing what she could to help out here and there. She’d never wanted to be a healer, honestly she’d never really been given any sort of choice about what job she...
  6. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Closed Ghost Town

    Following this topic Agnes needed air. She was blinking heavily as she tried to get out into the garden before anyone realised she was gone. She didn't want people to see her upset, not when she felt like she'd just had her entire soul just sucked out of her body. She was taking deep breaths as...
  7. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Closed Keep on rising

    Agnes wished she was in a better position to be able to tell the world about her relationship with the purest soul in the world. To be able to shout about it from the rooftops and be able to hug and kiss her in public like so many other couples could and would do. She couldn't risk Maggie or...
  8. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Open Nothing of my own

    Agnes had just finished another shift at the hospital wing, and while she was finding the knowledge invaluable, she couldn't help but feel like a puppet on display. Every part of her life was currently being dictated by her parents; was there really anything left that she was doing for her own...
  9. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Closed Still not part of this

    Agnes has thought she was safe, when a voice shook the life out of her from behind. The Slytherin turned to see Elsie over her shoulder, the one person she hadn’t wanted to bump into. “I don’t.. have a nest..” she was too taken aback by the fact she’d not seen her for months to know what the...
  10. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Open Not part of this

    Agnes had managed to get away with avoiding most people since coming back to school, and while she knew she was going to have to face the music at some point, she still wasn’t convinced now was the time. She kept trying to tel herself that she was just learning the language that girls used with...
  11. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Open Showing Face

    Agnes hadn't expected to go to the Yule Ball, so when she'd said yes to Elsie she had been just as surprised as anyone. Surely though, the Ravenclaw would have meant that they go as friends rather than anything else. The third year didn't believe that the girl would actually like her in any...
  12. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Banner for a brunette

    Name: Agnes Norgaard Size: 500x200 Style: Any Images: 1 2 Colour Scheme: Any! Text: Agnes Thank you!!
  13. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Open Better out than in

    Of all people she felt like helping, Tyler was at the bottom of her list. Agnes however had found herself supporting the boy as she helped him to the hospital wing though after another girl in their year had decided to attack him. His actions better have warranted such an retaliation otherwise...
  14. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Closed Time keeps sailing by

    Much like her previous year, Agnes had opted to stay in New Zealand instead of returning home. She knew she would be in the way there and with so many other family members it wasn’t as though anyone was going to miss her. As long as she wrote to her father to keep him up to date about her...