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  1. Skylar Anderson

    Open Finally the Holidays

    Skylar walked into the beautiful Tākarokaro Park, feeling the fresh breeze blow around her, and she smiled as she felt how good it was to be in nature again. She had finally finished all her exams, and she was reasonably happy with how they'd gone, though her Potions one could have definitely...
  2. Skylar Anderson

    Skylar Anderson

    Skylar Anderson Full Name: Skylar Charlotte Anderson Nickname: Sky Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Unknown yet Relationship Status: Single Birthdate: 29th July 2041 Age: 11 Blood Status: Muggleborn Hogwarts House: GRYFFINDOR! Year Level: First Year Wand: Knotted 11 1/2 Inch Unyielding Aspen...