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  1. Mihail Styx

    Closed Skippin’ rocks

    Mihail Styx had an uneventful break, and recently came to terms that his mother was never coming back. She was dead, after all. Mihail wished that he had not been so naive about it. But what was done was done. He tossed another pebble into the lake, trying to get it to skip but failing...
  2. Mihail Styx

    Closed Sweet as Sugar

    Mihail dressed as an American football player to the Halloween Feast. Not to be confused with the football players in New Zealand. Mihail was going with his girlfriend, which he felt that it was long since time that they have kissed, but a part of him believed that her nervousness would not...
  3. Mihail Styx

    Closed It doesn’t rain all the time

    Mihail Styx could hardly believe that his dad was dating someone again that was not his mommy! How could he? Didn’t he know that he and Selvanna needed their mother and not some substitute? Of course, little did Mihail know that his mother had actually passed away, and they divorced to make it...
  4. Mihail Styx

    Mihail Samuel Styx

    mihail samuel styx lyrics b a s i c s - - - - - - - - [NAME] - [ETYMOLOGY] - [SURNAME ORIGIN] - [NICKNAME] - [ALLIANCE] - [BIRTHDAY] - [AGE] - [GENDER] - [LANGUAGES] - [ORIENTATION] - [HOMETOWN] - [RESIDENCE] - [HERITAGE] - [BLOOD STATUS] - [BLOOD TYPE] - [WAND] - Length...