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  1. Giselle Miller

    Open Ghost Hunting

    Giselle hadn't been in Hogwarts that long, but she was always interested in the ghosts that flew by. She hadn't really spoken to one, nor did she really study the ones here, as she had been doing her own thing somewhere in the castle. It was just before dinner time, and Giselle had decided to...
  2. Giselle Miller

    Giselle M

    Name of Character: Giselle Miller Celeb Used: Candace Cameron Photos: 1, 2, 3 Text on Banner: Giselle Miller Colour Scheme: Purple, Green, Grey Other: If the photos aren't great, I am happy for you to use something else.
  3. Giselle Miller

    Open The Research of a Ghost

    It had been a day since Giselle arrived in Hogwarts. After the night of arriving in Hogwarts, and getting to know the roommates that she would share a dorm with for the next seven years, she came to realise that some of them are a wild bunch. She hadn't really made any friends either when...
  4. Giselle Miller

    Graphic for Giselle

    Character Name: Giselle Miller Banner Type: Blended Celebrity Used: Candace Cameron-Bure Text on Banner: Giselle Miller Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, Colour Scheme: Pink and Purple (otherwise, anything will do) Other: Thanks for doing this! if the photos i gave you aren't suitable, you can always choose...
  5. Giselle Miller

    Giselle Miller

    GISELLE ROSE MILLER - BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Giselle Roseanne Miller NICKNAMES: Elle, Giselle 2 (By Giselle Rosenburg) DOB: August 14th, 2040 BLOOD STATUS: Unknown SEXUALITY: Homosexual (doesn't know this yet) OCCUPATION: HNZ Student NAME MEANING GISELLE - Derived from the Germanic...
  6. Giselle Miller

    Open I Hate It Here

    Giselle Miller had been new to New Zealand. Her and her adopted family had to move to New Zealand, due to one of her parents having a job offer. Which had resulted for her to go to the magical school in New Zealand. Giselle wasn't happy that she had to move to another country, as she had to...