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  1. Marlow Sanderson

    Open A Museum Of Inspiration

    Marlow had just come from the History of Magic Classroom. Normally after these classes, Marlow often found herself annoyed with having to take some many notes and sit still for so long. To be honest, that is how Marlow was feeling about most of her classes so far, too structured and too many...
  2. Marlow Sanderson

    Open Reminds Me of Home

    Marlow had heard that Hogwarts New Zealand had an amazing garden, one that students love to read and complete homework assignments in. The young Slytherin could never avoid a garden. Her mother, Ember, had basically raised her in a garden. Yet Ember's garden was one not to messed with. Ember...
  3. Marlow Sanderson

    Marlow Ember Sanderson

    Marlow Ember Sanderson Table of Contents: The Basic, Appearance, and Style: Page 1 Personality, Emotions, Goals, and Beliefs: Page 2 Family, Relationships, and Home Life: Page 3 Education: Page 4 Full Name: Marlow Ember Sanderson Pronunciation: M-Ah-R-LOW Nickname: ME Name Meaning: Marlow-The...
  4. Marlow Sanderson

    Marlow Ember Sanderson

    The Basics Character's Name: Marlow Ember Sanderson Name Meaning: Marlow-The name Marlow means Lake Remains and is of English origin. Ember-The name Ember means Spark, Burning Low and is of English origin. Marlow received her middle name from her mother. Sanderson-derived from the Ancient Greek...