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  1. Harper Alston

    Second Years Lesson Four

    Upon taking a seat at her desk in the Astronomy classroom, Harper immediately started to get out her notebook and a pencil. She was pretty sure they would be going over the rest of the planets today. After all, there wasn't much else left in the solar system aside from the asteroid belts. Her...
  2. Harper Alston

    Open Student Lounge Sofa Rally

    Lately Harper had taken to doing her homework in random areas of the castle. The library was a bit too quiet for her; she needed some background noise while she worked. Today she was trying to write an Astronomy essay in the Student Lounge, but she was quickly growing bored. They were going over...
  3. Harper Alston

    Closed What fools use for reason

    Harper wasn't that surprised that the other girl hadn't heard of the series. Even if she had grown up in the muggle world, the series was kind of old. Harper herself had only discovered it while looking for alternatives to James Bond (she'd enjoyed the movies but the books were still a bit too...
  4. Harper Alston

    Transfiguration 2:4

    Harper wasn't sure what was next for Transfiguration. The jump from beetles to chipmunks had been pretty dramatic. Maybe they would be transfiguring cats this week? Though she wouldn't mind having the chipmunks back again. They had been very cute and docile creatures. But it seemed that...
  5. Harper Alston

    Second Years: Lesson 4

    Harper was starting to doubt they would ever go on another field trip. After all, it didn't quite fit with the semester's theme of famous witches and wizards. Where would they even go? The Straits of Messina? Actually, that would be pretty interesting. But one glance at Octavia's desk upon...
  6. Harper Alston

    Open Absolutely Flipping Over

    Harper tossed the empty paper plate in a nearby bin and eagerly followed Lillith into the tent. The first thing she saw were several funhouse mirrors that while slightly disorienting, weren't exactly scary. One of them made the mustard stripe on her costume look even wavier and gave her a...
  7. Harper Alston

    Closed Life's Too Short to Take It Slow

    Harper was glad he wanted to play one-on-one. That was a lot more fun than just doing more drills. "I promise," she said, matching his serious tone for a second before smiling brightly. "But I'm sure you'll be fine! You already have headers down." She felt a small surge of guilt for her joke...
  8. Harper Alston

    Open Absolutely Flipping Over

    Harper finished her cauldron cake, smiling as Lillith stroked her imaginary beard. "Oh, maybe!" she said at the paint suggestion. There were all kinds of strange things in the Great Hall, and it wasn't really a stretch to assume that some kind of fake blood substance was nearby. A house elf...
  9. Harper Alston

    Transfiguration 2:3

    Though Harper found Transfiguration a little unsettling — she still couldn't quite believe she'd turned a living creature into a button — there was no denying it was interesting. Plus the class had the added bonus of being one of the few practical ones she had this semester. Herbology had gotten...
  10. Harper Alston

    Open Absolutely Flipping Over

    Harper made a face at Lillith's suggestion before laughing. "Gross! But you're right, ketchup blood would complete the look." She liked ketchup okay, but filling her mouth with the stuff did not sound ideal. She'd seen a couple of other students in costumes covered in fake blood and wondered if...
  11. Harper Alston

    Y37 Costume Contest

    Harper Alston as a hotdog, with Skylar Anderson and Hildegard de Valeriane #whenyourcharactersarefriendsbuttheirplaybysarenot
  12. Harper Alston

    Closed If It's Fine by You I'll Be Beside You

    A forest for a backyard honestly sounded like a dream — though Harper supposed a bunch of trees everywhere would make it harder to play football or practice tumbling passes. Or maybe it would make things more exciting. She gasped when Sky mentioned climbing through several trees without touching...
  13. Harper Alston

    Second Years: Lesson Three!

    Harper was pretty sure she had a good idea what they would be covering in Astronomy today, and her suspicions were confirmed when Professor Harrington announced that they would be moving on to the inner planets. It seemed that all astronomy lessons progressed the same way, whether they were...
  14. Harper Alston

    Request Giselle

    Tried this for you! Let me know if you want edits!
  15. Harper Alston

    Banner for Terrell

    Yup! Is this better?
  16. Harper Alston

    Open Absolutely Flipping Over

    Harper gave a small clap — or at least tried to since she was still balancing her plate — as Lillith got up on point. "Will you be doing more ballet on the dance floor later? Or is it strictly cartwheels and backflips since you're a gymnast tonight?" she joked. She smiled when Lillith...
  17. Harper Alston

    Open Absolutely Flipping Over

    While Harper had been looking forward to the Halloween feast and all the fun it would bring, she had been dreading the costume part. She tended to pack lightly, so trying to make a costume out of her limited wardrobe was near impossible. For a second, she had considered just borrowing a tie from...
  18. Harper Alston

    Banner for Terrell

    Farmer's son = fields = power lines?? Anyway, I tried xD Let me know if you want edits!
  19. Harper Alston

    Closed If It's Fine by You I'll Be Beside You

    Harper shook her head. "No way, you said it was a race to the surprise," she said with a grin. But she knew that Sky would have beaten her anyways. Harper had always fancied herself pretty good at climbing trees, especially after spending one summer trying (and failing) to build a treehouse with...
  20. Harper Alston

    Closed If It's Fine by You I'll Be Beside You

    Harper was thoroughly unsurprised when Sky accepted her challenge. She moved over a bit to give her friend some more room. That turned out to be a mistake. Sky had barely made it to the first branch when she issued a challenge of her own, taking off before Harper even had a chance to answer...