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  1. Nikko Blackwood

    Open New and Old

    Nikko had never been to this part of the castle before. It was strange that he had been here nearly two years and still hadn't found all of the places he could hide and get away from people for a while. He opened the door and was surprised to see what looked like a normal classroom, but it...
  2. Nikko Blackwood

    Open Same Old Lines

    Nikko paced around the owlery once he attached his letter to his parent's and set it off. He still wrote to them regularly even though he rarely got a response. Which was fine since his mom didn't know much about mail by owl and his father probably thought it was bad for the owls, or something...
  3. Nikko Blackwood

    Open Go with the Flow

    Nikko wasn't sure why he decided to go to the dance. But it felt like a better idea then just sitting in the dorm by himself, even if he had a brand new cat to keep him company. He had manged to avoid most of the chaos of the rose deliveries earlier in the day but now coming into the great hall...
  4. Nikko Blackwood

    Closed Not So Silent Communication

    Nikko had staked out his favorite spot in the courtyard. It had the perfect amount of sun and shade, and still provided a good view of the who place. He had liked to come out here and read or just sit, and even on the rare occasion do his homework. For a while it seemed like no one knew about it...
  5. Nikko Blackwood

    Closed Something Familiar

    Nikko couldn't sleep. It wasn't the first time he found himself wandering the halls later then he should and he doubted it would be the last. The fact one of his roommates snored was only half of the problem. Tonight he couldn't stop thinking about the letter he sent his dad for his birthday...
  6. Nikko Blackwood

    Nikko Blackwood

    Nikko Blackwood THE BASICS Character's Birthdate: July 1st 2039 Hometown: Byron Bay, Australia Blood Status: Half-Blood Hogwarts House: Gryffindor WAND Straight 10 1/2 Inch Sturdy Pine Wand with Unicorn Hair Core Wood: Pine wands are often found in the hands of the 'loner', they do not...