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  1. Jacob Kingsley

    Open Spin the Bottle!

    Jacob snickered at Willow's comment just after he'd shaken his head to let Jemma know he hadn't had a turn just yet. He would probably throw in an extra knut just for that. "Let's hope not" he muttered, continuing to watch the game progressed. No one wanted to be the first one to back out and...
  2. Jacob Kingsley

    Closed Tell Me the Truth

    Jacob flushed at Sapphire's words. She was right. If he was a good friend, he would know what was wrong with Onyx. He'd have offered to hang out with him or even thanked him for his rose. As Onyx spoke, Jacob looked at the floor unable to make eye contact with him. Staying shut probably...
  3. Jacob Kingsley

    Open Spin the Bottle!

    Jacob slid closer to Willow to leave space for Jemma if she wanted to join them. He glanced briefly at Sapphire and then returned his attention to the game. The Gryffindor was happy to see Derek stick to cheek kisses. He'd probably have yelled at him if he'd done anything else, and judging by...
  4. Jacob Kingsley

    Closed Tell Me the Truth

    Jacob winced slightly when Sapphire asked about the dance. "Nothing. We didn't...go together" he replied, his voice trailing off as he finished his sentence. He couldn't believe that was why Onyx was crying. They hadn't gone to the Yule Ball together either so Onyx shouldn't have expected an...
  5. Jacob Kingsley

    Closed Tell Me the Truth

    Jacob was heading back to Gryffindor House, his stomach full of chocolate. It had been fun to hang with Abian and Elio at the dance, but after an early start and a full day of handing out roses, Jacob was tired. He yawned as he stepped into the corridor to switch staircases. It would shorten...
  6. Jacob Kingsley

    Third Years, Lesson Three

    Jacob was definitely one of the students who joined in on the groaning at hearing they were in for another lecture. He liked Professor Sword so far. It wasn't really her fault that history was so boring. He did wish sometimes that she could make it more fun, but resigned himself to the...
  7. Jacob Kingsley

    Third Years: Lesson Three

    Jacob was in a lousy mood and he sat at his desk looking especially sullen. As the professor began her lesson, he pulled out his belongings with a small huff, listening as the woman began to discuss zodiac constellations. Jacob took some notes, though he really couldn't be bothered to take...
  8. Jacob Kingsley

    Third Years: Lesson Two

    Jacob's excitement grew exponentially as he pulled on his suit, eager to get going on a trip away from the castle. It was really was cold where they arrived and Jacob was grateful he could only tell because of his breath. The rest of him was pretty warm. Listening as the professor discussed...
  9. Jacob Kingsley

    Closed A little reckless

    Jacob listened quietly as she spoke even though he disagreed. He could remember going to spend vacations with his grandpa in the United States and getting odd looks from the neighborhood kids simply because they knew he wasn't from the area. They thought his accent was odd and couldn't...
  10. Jacob Kingsley

    Open Spin the Bottle!

    Hearing Diana's voice again, Jacob turned to tell her to shut up when he realized she was, in fact, leading this. The third year scowled as he followed everyone else in sitting down, taking a seat beside Willow and looking around. He listened to the rules which were easy enough and watched as...
  11. Jacob Kingsley

    Mate, Date or SLATE

  12. Jacob Kingsley

    Open Spin the Bottle!

    It had been the talk of his year, quiet whispers while waiting for class to start and louder conversations during meal times and in their dorms. A whisper was how he'd first heard about it, a curious thing he'd overheard about kissing. It being a particular curiosity for Jacob he'd tried to...
  13. Jacob Kingsley

    Petal in a haystack

    "Then yes" he replied as he looked for the rose. He shrugged again as she mentioned a twin. "I don't know who your twin is but I guess so. Anyway, here you go" he added handing over her rose.
  14. Jacob Kingsley

    Treat her right, @Derek Tahana. She's special.

    Treat her right, @Derek Tahana. She's special.
  15. Jacob Kingsley

    Closed Flower Power

    Having done this a few times, Jacob no longer had any qualms about dropping into an empty chair at the Hufflepuff table. He did so now, picking up a piece of bacon and taking a slow bite before turning his attention to the person he'd come to see. "Long time no see buuuuuddy" he said with a...
  16. Jacob Kingsley

    While I remember...

    @Ainsley Lynch - Yes, that sounds good to me! @Professor Hezekiah Mowry - Um yeah! Did he get his rose? :r Maybe we can start there.
  17. Jacob Kingsley

    Closed A Lot to Tell You

    "What?!" he exclaimed, a sound that probably drew the attention of everyone in the room. He hadn't meant to be so loud. He was just surprised. "Sorry" he murmured to the room before turning back to Emilia. "What?!" he asked again, this time in a stage whisper. Behind his glasses, Jacob's...
  18. Jacob Kingsley

    Petal in a haystack

    Jacob shrugged. "Depends. Are you Zoe Katsaros?" he asked, waiting for her confirmation. He wasn't just going to let the rose go to anyone. Lizzie was organizing this and one of the Holland sisters. He couldn't let Lizzie down and let the rose end up with someone it wasn't meant for.
  19. Jacob Kingsley

    While I remember...

    Rowan! Ooh yes, that could be fun. I know he and William had a brief interaction at one of the Brotherhood events so they'd at least know each other from there. It could be fun for something to happen during the break and by the time they get back to school its history and they're just dealing...
  20. Jacob Kingsley

    While I remember...

    There's nothing like being awake at 5am to remind me that I've been wanting to post this for a while :tut::p I would like to set up some future romantic stuff for my boy, Jacob. I'd like them to all be relatively short term flings, mostly just dating, not really anything that would get to full...