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  1. Flavio Morales

    Open Red to Blue with Red

    Flavio was reading in the prefects common room when he heard a knock on the door. He looked up at the sound, and quickly moved to open the door and greet whoever was there. When he saw a girl that looked young enough to be a first year, he adjusted his glasses, wondering if she needed help with...
  2. Flavio Morales

    Closed A Warning Sign

    Geo's words were going in one ear and out the other. On a normal night he would have loved to listen to her talk about whatever was on her mind, reveling at the opportunity to talk to his friend about something other than school. But that night wasn't a normal night and Flavio couldn't focus as...
  3. Flavio Morales

    Closed Fault Line

    When footsteps began to echo in the corridor outside the lounge, Flavio assumed the dance was nearly over, and tried not to let the noise distract him from his work. He knew if he gave in and focused on the distraction when he was already tired he wouldn't be able to drown out the noise later on...
  4. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for Jessica

    Flavio was glad when he finally found who he was looking for, and he quickly found the yellow rose in his basket for her, offering it as a response to her question. "I have this rose for you. Happy valentine's day" He said, also finding the note and offering it as well.
  5. Flavio Morales

    Closed Fault Line

    Spending the day delivering roses had been a pleasant distraction from Flavio's worries, a chance for him to spread happiness and focus on something other than the responsibilities weighing on his mind. As the day played out and he witnessed so many students accept roses from their loved ones...
  6. Flavio Morales

    I am sorry Geo, but I need to spend the night studying. We can talk later during our patrol.

    I am sorry Geo, but I need to spend the night studying. We can talk later during our patrol.
  7. Flavio Morales

    Important Rose

    Flavio had just left the prefect common room, and begun to make his way down the corridor when a younger boy bounded over to him, asking if he was Flavio. "That is me." He confirmed, wondering if the boy needed help with something or if he was there to deliver another rose. Since he seemed...
  8. Flavio Morales

    Flavio as a Yellow Flower

    Flavio accepted the rose and the note as they were handed to him. He quickly read what the note said and smiled, happy that Ainsley had sent him a rose that year. He hoped she would be just as appreciative of the rose he sent her. "Thank you." Flavio said as he quickly looked up from the note...
  9. Flavio Morales

    Rose for a Raven

    Flavio smiled when the girl handed him a red rose. He accepted it happily and read the note, expecting it might be from November since the color was red. He had to admit when he saw it wasn't from November but from Marcos instead he was a little disheartened, but he was nevertheless happy his...
  10. Flavio Morales

    Open Friendship's Glow

    Flavio was about to ask what Ainsley's good news was, but before he could she pulled a yellow rose from her basket and handed it to him, answering his question without him needing to ask. "Wow, thank you." He folded the list he was holding, placing it in his pocket before he accepted the flower...
  11. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for April

    Flavio quickly found the pink rose and handed it over to April, waiting a moment to hand the note over as well. "you are welcome, and here is your note." He said. Pink roses were always fun to deliver because the person receiving them always seemed so excited, and Flavio hoped the rose would...
  12. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for Emilia

    When a girl eventually spoke up saying she was Emilia Manning, Flavio looked over and smiled. He quickly walked over to her, looking for the pink rose in his basket. "I have a rose for you, here it is." He said as he found the rose and held it out to her, making sure the note was attached to the...
  13. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for Professor Haden

    Flavio quickly opened the door and stepped into the professor's office as he was invited in, and approached the man with a smile, holding out the yellow rose. "This is for you, happy valentine's day." He said, pleased that he was able to make another delivery. Hopefully this rose would make...
  14. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for Rama

    Flavio quickly found the red rose in his basket and offered it to Rama, waiting a moment before looking for the note meant to go with it, and handing that over as well when she asked to see who the flower was from. "Have a good day." He said, pleased that another delivery of his had been...
  15. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for Diana

    Flavio smiled when the girl confirmed she was Diana, and quickly said "yes, I do have a rose for you, just a moment," as he looked in his basket for the yellow rose meant for her. When he was sure he had the right rose, Flavio held it out to her and hoped the flower would make her day, as seeing...
  16. Flavio Morales

    Open Rose for Mervyn

    Soon enough a boy waved, confirming he was Mervyn and Flavio wasted no time walking over to him. "Hello, I have this rose to deliver to you." He said, pulling the yellow rose from his basket and handing it to the boy. A moment later he found the note meant to accompany it, and handed that over...
  17. Flavio Morales


    Best wishes, hope the move goes well :wub:
  18. Flavio Morales

    Open Cheerful Rose

    Flavio nodded, agreeing at how convenient it was they ran into each other at the right time to deliver roses to each other simultaneously. When Kauri pulled out a yellow rose for him his smile widened and he accepted it happily. "It is lovely, thank you." He said, quickly reading the note to see...
  19. Flavio Morales

    Flavio as a Yellow Flower

    Flavio never expected many roses to be delivered to him on valentine's day, as the fun part for him was sending roses to his friends and giving roses away to others. So with three roses delivered to him he was feeling happy and assumed this would all that were sent to him, November's rose aside...
  20. Flavio Morales

    Rose for a Raven

    After completing another delivery, Flavio was standing in the north tower, going over the list of recipients he still needed to find and planning where he would go next. It appeared that the smartest course of action was to head to the third and fourth floors, and he was about to begin making...