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  1. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Closed Staff Secret Santa

    Irene smiled as her peers already went about giving and receiving presents. She even got involved in gushing over what they had received. Soon enough, Madlyn Ateara approached her with a blanket.It seemed the blanket was wrapped around some stuff inside. Beaming at the woman, she replied,"The...
  2. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Closed When a blessing comes in twos

    Irene had dozed off despite the pain when she felt someone held her hand. She opened her eyes to find her husband beside her. She smiled as she squeezed his hand. "Hey, wolf boy. Ready to be a dad?", she teased. She attempted to sit up when another contraction went through her body. She grabbed...
  3. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Closed Staff Secret Santa

    Irene stepped into the room where the staff party was held. She could not wait for the holidays to start as this would be their first holiday with the twins. It was most likely her second or third year in the school as library staff but this was the first for them to have the Secret Santa, Of...
  4. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Closed When a blessing comes in twos

    Irene was in the Mungo's for her routine check up. Jacob wanted to come but had business to attend to. Quidditch business. She slowly ambled to her assigned healer when she felt pain. Stopping by the door, she gave out short breaths to control her contractions. She counted the minutes and they...
  5. Irene Meredith-Holland

    New Characters and Old

    I can offer Irene for Lillian. She is a librarian and just recently gave birth to twins. Maybe she and Lillian can get acquainted the first day Irene got back from her leave?
  6. Irene Meredith-Holland

    banner for burns

    I love it. Thank you so much.
  7. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Avatar Cropping Requests Here!

    I hope these are fine with you.
  8. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Well,you should get used to it,wolf boy. You're going to have your hands full.

    Well,you should get used to it,wolf boy. You're going to have your hands full.
  9. Irene Meredith-Holland

    I miss you my wolf boy!!

    I miss you my wolf boy!!
  10. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Here to Help

    Irene was doing her usual walking exercise for that day from the library to the student lounge,maybe pop in to check on some students and continued on to the Great Hall for some snacks before going back to the library. She was slowly ambling along the corridors and was just about to reach the...
  11. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Bi-Weekly Update!

    Thanks for the update, Donna. Lovely as always. I did not know I got one topic being highlighted there. :wub:
  12. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Roleplay Roulette

    Sign-Ups</COLOR> Jacob Kingsley [li]Professor Cyndi Kingsley</LI> [li]<COLOR color="darkgoldenrod">Austin Branning [li]Jessica Cade [li]Caspian Lavish [li]Geovanna Volt [li]Leda Layton [li]Isaac Kain [li]Kauri Tipene [li]Acacia Dunn [li]Ainsley Lynch [li]Professor Jon Phillips [li]Flavio...
  13. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Flower Delivery & Sign Up

    Flower Delivery sign up: 1. Thaddeus Miller 2. Tomas Wode 3. Flavio Morales 4. Nixon Mercury 5. Onyx Micheals 6. Mervyn Strangewayes 7. Amber Wilson 8. Rose Holland 9. Alice Holland 10.Alexis Sage Kramer 11.
  14. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Looking for a new character?

    I would love to take her Jess. However, it would be great for others to have the chance too. But I will be lurking. :p
  15. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Irene Louise Meredith

    i promise i will stay the same a n d i' v e n e v e r s e e n f o r e v e r but i k n o w w e' l l r e m a i n The First Meeting | Irene met Jacob Holland back when they were students in Durmstrang Institute. She Crossing the Line | Text The Breakup | Text The Aftermath | Text The...
  16. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Professors & Staff Dueling Tournament!

    [th colspan="1"] Sign Up List[/th]Professor Aeon SummersProfessor Olive LaytonProfessor Monty PendletonProfessor Matt WardProfessor Grace HollandProfessor Bella MatthiasProfessor Kahurangi JosephsProfessor Ryder WarrickIrene Meredith-
  17. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Unexpected but Greatly Appreciated

    GODMODDED WITH PERMISSION Irene was laughing as she snuggled closer to her fiance. He kissed her so deeply that her laughter was silenced as she kissed him back. Her hands were on his warm chest,always reminding her that this was not just a dream but a reality. After all that they had been...
  18. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Irene Louise Meredith

    change in every wind t h e s a n d s o f t i m e d o n' t k n o w o u r n a m e Burn my Ignition | Text Sweet sixteen date | Text Disturbing News | Text Running the Forest | Text Guess what??Huh??What?!?! | Text Is it possible to say I'm Sorry? | Text Music Night Out |[color=black]...
  19. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Unexpected but Greatly Appreciated

    Irene's eyes were halfway in tears and in a glare as she watched Jake laughed at her somehow. The glare was gone when he explained the obvious situation they were in. They had come a long way from being two students who had met in the forest. Far better than the two immature teenagers who broke...
  20. Irene Meredith-Holland

    Icon Resize Request [C]

    I did not know that!! WIll bear this in mind next time. Thanks so much for these!