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  1. Evelyn Manning

    Course Work and Moving

    Good luck with it!! ;)
  2. Evelyn Manning

    Seventh Years, Lesson Three

    Evelyn entered the classroom with a smile and took her seat in the frontrow as usual. She greeted Misha and noticed she was one of the first. It did seemed that Misha enjoyed himself the last lesson. Evelyn was sure Espen would thought of it as cool too. It was more a boy thing perhaps. And...
  3. Evelyn Manning

    Seventh Years, Lesson Two

    Evelyn walked into the classroom and went sitting in the front. She waved to her friends and smiled to all the familliar faces. The blonde smiled excited to Misha and took all the stuff to take notes from the lecture. Evelyn was ready to rock this and was curious if they would only do lecture...
  4. Evelyn Manning

    Seventh Years, Lesson One

    Evelyn couldn't imagine the last lessons of Charms this year. Misha was her favorite professor and he stayed that way. When she walked into the classroom she smiled and greeted Misha before sitting at her usual spot in the front. She writed down with the lecture and all that was said they would...
  5. Evelyn Manning

    Needing all sorts

    Hi Alexis!! Good to see you again! I've got something: - Camilia and Charlotte: We have spoken off them before. But the only thing is that Charlotte is a Slytherin. She is year younger. Charlotte is a leader and she often seeks for followers. Charlotte is not really someone who can prove...
  6. Evelyn Manning

    Mate, Date or SLATE

  7. Evelyn Manning

    Bi-Weekly Update!

    Congrats Kaye! I'm curious how Landon will act as Head of House! I'm so in love with the big avatars again!! Thanks! And for the amazing update Claire! ^_^
  8. Evelyn Manning

    Closed All Falls Down

    Evelyn was a bit suprised by this behavior of Rama. She never had seen her like this. She asked herself if the girl wasn't even capable of crying or beeing sad. But ofcourse everyone was. The blonde went sitting with Rama next to her and listened to the girl. It was a story that Evelyn couldn't...
  9. Evelyn Manning

    Two Days

    Haha Good luck Daph!
  10. Evelyn Manning

    Open Topics to Jump Into

    Name of RP + Link: A Walk Between The Roses Character(s) in RP: Evelyn Manning Brief overview: Evelyn is visiting the places she likes a lot, and really takes her time to slowly say goodye to Hogwarts. She is curious if there are people she doesn't speak much or never spoke at all in the area...
  11. Evelyn Manning

    Open A Walk Between The Roses

    One of Evelyn's favorite places was the Rosebush. She loved the flowers very much and since it was Valentine time she figured it would be nice to pick another rose for her nightstand. She refreshed it every week and mostly picked out the red ones. The blonde was so distracted with a lot of...
  12. Evelyn Manning

    Closed Future Plans

    The last year and Evelyn had some vague plans about her future. She wanted to build her own fashion brand, that was the end goal. But she had to start on the bottom again. It was handy that she had some connections and her aunt worked in the fashion industry too. Perhaps modeling was an first...
  13. Evelyn Manning

    Open Last Best?

    Evelyn was lucky with Lucas at her side. The blonde was at a point where she could forgive herself for ending things with Noah. She knew that Professor Kingsley was professional, but the blonde was always wondering if the woman would blame her for hurting her son. Noah wanted to ends things too...
  14. Evelyn Manning

    Open Last Best?

    Evelyn had pictured this night a million times the previous weeks. She wanted all to be perfect. Her dress was perfect, her hair was perfect her make-up check. And now the perfect date would be there too. The blonde thought of herself as lucky. Lucas and she had ups and downs at this school, but...
  15. Evelyn Manning


    Ah Donna!! Hope to catch you soon x!
  16. Evelyn Manning

    Open Yellow Rose Delivery! Evelyn Manning

    Evelyn saw directly that this girl was very friendly. Or at least happy to be here. She said it herself the friendly flower girl. Indeed she seemed that way. '' Hi Avaria! It seems like you really like it. Have you brought around many roses?'' Evelyn asked the girl. Mostly she brought around...
  17. Evelyn Manning

    Open Yellow Rose Delivery! Evelyn Manning

    The blonde was on her way to the library to study. The blonde had brought along some books and other stuff she needed and left the common room. Evelyn than heard her name getting called and looked out from who it was. '' I'm here!'' The blonde said excited and looked at the younger girl with a...
  18. Evelyn Manning

    One for Liam

    Thanks didn't see this until now amazing!
  19. Evelyn Manning

    Mate, Date or SLATE

  20. Evelyn Manning

    Open Last Best?

    Evelyn had been preparing this moment for so long. While thinking of it, made her sad though also had something joyfull. It would be the last dance for her and all her other classmates. But the blonde had enjoyed her time around this school so much that she had to do her make-up again after some...