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  1. Stefan Archer

    Course Work and Moving

    Good Luck madz!
  2. Stefan Archer

    Bi-Weekly Update!

    Thanks for posting this Claire! Congrats to Kaye on her new position, you'll be amazing :hugs:
  3. Stefan Archer

    Come on and SPAM!

    aye, and it doesn't help that all i've got in edinburgh apart from the holiday clothes i had were a few summer dresses. On the plus side it was so cold in the church that i had to keep my coat on so it wasn't as bad as it could've been
  4. Stefan Archer

    Come on and SPAM!

    i got in from my holiday yesterday, and have this christening today for my partner's niece, and I was hoping for a nice but only semi-formal affair, get in the door and his kilt is sitting on the bed, and i'm like what...and turns out it's a formal formal affair with full family kilts and the...
  5. Stefan Archer

    Crimes of Grindelwald Discussion

    S a m e
  6. Stefan Archer

    Crimes of Grindelwald Discussion

  7. Stefan Archer

    Get to know you!

    I learned today that my grandfather (on my mother's side), my mother and myself all applied to do archeology in some form and all got rejected. I didn't know this at all, but it made me laugh cause clearly something doesn't want my family digging up the past.
  8. Stefan Archer

    Come on and SPAM!

    Yay for days off! Although, omelettes have eggs....do like eggs when they're in a dish like an omelette.... I had a pretty chill day tbh, it was a little bit cloudy today so we did a day trip to the local town, it was nice. Hows everyone else?
  9. Stefan Archer

    A sign of friendship for the Librarian

    Stefan had gotten used to the level of noise that happened during the rose giving day. It just made sense, kids were in the library at no matter what time, so of course, occasionally they would end up there, with loud whispers looking for certain people. Stefan didn't mind it, he could excuse...
  10. Stefan Archer

    A few avatars

    okay so, the ones for Serena and Marleigh should be fine, you might just need to upload them more than once for it to stick. the others:
  11. Stefan Archer

    Y32 Dueling Tournament

    Second Years Vader Hume Third Years Mazikeen Roe Fourth Years Simon Vanity Shane Ackley Sixth Years Jerara Tapsell Seventh Years Rory Fergusson
  12. Stefan Archer


    This is a last call for all the remaining pages of Accio! Get your pictures in now before the rest of the topics are closed this Wednesday/Thursday. The Valentines Day ball page will remain open a little longer, but the rest of them topics will be closing very very soon. Get to it before it's...
  13. Stefan Archer

    Come on and SPAM!

    Hows everyones weekend been? I'm on holidays so days have lost all meaning xD
  14. Stefan Archer


    rory tho:
  15. Stefan Archer

    Perfectionism sucks

    Happy to have you back with us! :hugs:
  16. Stefan Archer

    One for Liam

    Request Completed & Archived Your Graphics Request has been successfully completed and as such has been archived. Feel free to place more graphics requests as you find need. ;)
  17. Stefan Archer

    Heads up

    Sorry to hear about your loss. :hug:
  18. Stefan Archer


    Best of luck with the move Donna!
  19. Stefan Archer

    Closed Staff Secret Santa

    "You're welcome," The librarian replied with a smile. Stefan was quite pleased when his gift seemed to be well received by the man and he nodded not wanting to engage too much further with him. He wasn’t sure what else to say and it was clear the man had a present to go give to someone else. The...
  20. Stefan Archer


    Want your character's picture in the yearbook? This wednesday, the profile topics of Accio will close, that's the topics for the year groups (i.e first year, second year etc.). So get posting before it's too late! You can find all of those HERE The other topics will remain open for a little...