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  1. Selene Le Fey

    Come on and SPAM!

    we don't have an eclipse here. but the moon did look good tonight. I actually went out and took some pictures. not many as i don't have enough zoom to get a good close up one.
  2. Selene Le Fey

    First Years: Lesson Three

    selene entered the defence against the dark arts classroom. she already didnt like this class much. It wasnt because of the professor. sure he was strict, serious and scary but he was good at the job. it was because the topic was too serious it was all life and death she could almost feel it...
  3. Selene Le Fey

    A rose by the lake

    Selene watched as Pheobe took the note and smiled as she read it. it seemed that Rose had been right and it had been from her girlfriend. it must have been a good note because the girls smile was the biggest she had seen yet. especially bigger than uno's who had been her last delivery. "you are...
  4. Selene Le Fey

    A charming rose.

    Selene was glad that she had found the right boy. it would have been embarrassing if she hadn't. "hi. that is good." she said. I have a rose for you" she said. reaching into her basket and looking for a second before she found the right rose. "It comes with a note too" she said handing him the...
  5. Selene Le Fey

    Closed Amongst the Trees

    ignore wrong account.
  6. Selene Le Fey

    First Years, Lesson Three

    Selene had done her homework. using her wand night she had sat in bed one night and read through the next chapter of the textbook. levitation. it was an interesting topic. it seemed that making things light was a theme for charms even if light could have a very different meaning. She took her...
  7. Selene Le Fey

    First Years, Lesson Two

    Selene had done her reading in the common room one night. it had been dark and she had actually had a go at practising. Charms it seemed was a lot easier than transfiguration. she had hardly had one successful transfiguration last term but she had managed to pick up the charm with relative ease...
  8. Selene Le Fey

    Two very special bunches of roses.

    I was trying to find two with baskets but couldn't find a nice second bunch so it was a bunch but then I found one in a vase. I feel like a thank you rose would be used a lot. and I am glad there was no argument over who got which one.
  9. Selene Le Fey

    Two very special bunches of roses.

    unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the last two weeks you can't have missed the abundance of rose threads that have been posted with students (and staff) sending roses to each other. here are the last roses.
  10. Selene Le Fey

    A charming rose.

    Selene had been on a roll with her roses. she had delivered those to the Gryffindors in class. and she was planning on doing the same for the Slytherin first year. as she had charms with him this afternoon. she sat in class listening to the professor once they were dismissed she walked over to...
  11. Selene Le Fey

    Come on and SPAM!

    It is the evening here. I have jad a good day off. I went for a 12 km hike and had an omelette for dinner (I dont like eggs)
  12. Selene Le Fey

    Come on and SPAM!

    it is Wednesday here... but I am a future person :r Wednesday is my day off this week. so I hope I have not missed a day I was meant to be at work. how was your Tuesday off?
  13. Selene Le Fey

    Come on and SPAM!

    Enjoy your time off clare. and good luck with the job. Happy Wednesday everyone. (sorry for spoiling the total lack of knowledge of the days of the week :p ) how is everyone's day going/looking?
  14. Selene Le Fey

    a refreshing rose.

    Selene was glad that the girl seemed happy for the rose. she wondered who it had been sent by. but she was not brave enough to ask. she smiled at the girl. "have a happy valentines day" she said before leaving the room.
  15. Selene Le Fey

    Rate the Sig

    10/10 well fixed.
  16. Selene Le Fey

    a refreshing rose.

    Selene realised that the girl wasn't in the bathroom to use the bathroom, she was there to use the mirror. the girl seemed pretty intent on the mirror. at least until She thought that Selene might have a rose for her. "I do, it is a pink one too" she said. most of the roses for delivery were...
  17. Selene Le Fey

    Everly's rose

    selene listened as the girl explained what they would be learning about htings once. "that is a shame. I hope we would learn things in more tetail next week, or maybe other witches and wizards from that same story" she said. when everly said she hadn't been to the library yet willows jaw...
  18. Selene Le Fey

    lunchtime delivery

    Selene smiled as Rory thanked her for the rose. "you are welcome. have a good day" she said before turning and walking off to the Ravenclaw table ready for some lunch.
  19. Selene Le Fey

    Madeline's rose

    Selene's jaw dropped when maddy siad that she had already delivered five of hers. " that is organisation." she said. "I don't know who some of my people are" she said. she would have to find a way to track them down. she didn't even know what house people were in. she girl seemed happy to get a...
  20. Selene Le Fey

    A flying rose

    Selene jumped as a girl appeared from the sky right in front of her. "oooh" she squeaked in surprise almost dropping the roses again. "I, I've got a rose for you" she said recovering from the surprise. "It is in here somewhere" she said. after a moment more she found it in the basket. "here you...