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  1. Elliot Briar

    Blind Leading the Blind

    The Trophy Room? Elliot was pretty sure he’d seen that when he was going to Charms. All the corridors kind of looked the same still. He stayed where he was on the floor, catching his breath and tilting his head back to watch Maddy fuss with the wall. “Next time I’m taking the stairs. That was...
  2. Elliot Briar

    Open Hitting The Books

    Elliot knew Lily had been fretting about her grades since last semester, so they’d decided starting a regular study session would be a great habit to get into. He already pretty meticulously organized his own notes and revisions, so it would be kinda nice to share it with someone else. He’d been...
  3. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    I am in full support of terrible puns
  4. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    Anyone else watching the eclipse?
  5. Elliot Briar

    HNZ meet-ups!

    Shoot am I thinking of Alex?? I'm very bad with names
  6. Elliot Briar

    HNZ meet-ups!

    Can confirm you still do this, Rowan. I know Alexis and I live in the same state but since TX is So Stupidly Big we're still several hours away from each other :doh:
  7. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    I see Donna's been promoted
  8. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    Now that's the abuse of power I like to see :shifty:
  9. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    one. more. point
  10. Elliot Briar

    First Years: Lesson Three Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

    The trek up to the Astronomy Tower was a long one, and Elliot was always grateful to finally sit down when they finally reached the classroom, saving a spot for Lily next to him and rubbing his burning calves. He wondered if you got used to it after being in the class long enough. He was a...
  11. Elliot Briar

    Maddy! Thanks for the rose We can go adventuring again if you promise fewer surprises next time...

    Maddy! Thanks for the rose We can go adventuring again if you promise fewer surprises next time...
  12. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    I'm spending mine at home too, I love quiet weekends, honestly. I'm putting off cleaning my room by doing all my lessons though now :oy:
  13. Elliot Briar

    First Years Lesson Two, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

    Elliot settled into the room, excited at the prospect of getting outside to so some actual stargazing in class. He took notes while Professor Harrington spoke about the brightness and distance of stars. He had kind of known some of the information already, but not really the details, which...
  14. Elliot Briar

    Yellow is Mellow!

    Elliot smiled at Kace's attitude, accepting the note and reading it before folding it away. He liked Maddy, but he wasn't sure he could handle too many adventures like the one they'd already had. He'd have to go thank her for the rose later though. It was a little surprising Kace seemed to want...
  15. Elliot Briar

    Closed Just One Dance

    "Hi," Elliot replied back, glad that Lily seemed relatively unharmed. He ducked his head as Lily teased him, feeling his face go a little warm, once again unsure what to do with his hands while Lily held his arm. He was glad to be Lily's friend too, though he wished he wasn't so worried about...
  16. Elliot Briar

    Come on and SPAM!

    I'm the same Mia, not a huge egg fan. My work's just switched us over from using Gmail to Outlook and the UI is so horrible, I am in agony.
  17. Elliot Briar

    Closed Just One Dance

    Picking his way around the dance floor, Elliot considered his route. The direct path across the floor was the most obvious, but Elliot really didn't fancy the idea of having to so obviously cross the room in front of so many people. Skirting around the edges of the room was taking a bit longer...
  18. Elliot Briar

    Closed Just One Dance

    Elliot had never been very good at napping. Waking up had been disorienting, suddenly alone in a much darker room with a rat now tucked inside his jumper. He sat up, blearily rubbing a hand through his hair and fishing Penne out of his shirt, squinting as a note fluttered quietly to the ground...
  19. Elliot Briar

    What are you listening to?

    Movies - Circa Waves
  20. Elliot Briar

    Heads up

    Sending lots of love for you and your fam :hug: Take as much time as you need and you know I'm always up at dumb hours to talk/plot if you need a break