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  1. Austin Branning

    Y33 Hufflepuff Quidditch Try Outs

    Austin had been dreading the stat of the new semester, it didn't feel right being at Hogwarts without Geo, it especially didn't feel right captaining the Hufflepuff team when she was no longer on it with him. Austin walked out onto the Quidditch pitch ready to start the try outs for another...
  2. Austin Branning

    Y32 Hufflepuff Quidditch Try-Outs

    The thought of being captain hadn't even occurred to Austin until Ares asked him toward the end of the previous school year. He now found himself on the Quidditch pitch awaiting the arrival of the returning players and new players hoping to win a spot on the team. It was nerve wracking, picking...
  3. Austin Branning

    Badgers at bat

    The new season was creeping closer and Austin found himself practicing more than ever. In an effort to spend more time with Geo and get himself ready for the new season the pair arranged to work out together. Austin had got in some hitting practice a few weeks prior so he was eager to practice...
  4. Austin Branning

    Target Practice

    There seemed to be a lot of change in the air in Austin's life of late and a lot of it was good and he felt positive about it but change was still a scary concept and Austin still found it unnerving. One of the few constants in his life during the last few years was Quidditch, it was something...
  5. Austin Branning

    Kicking and Screaming

    "I...I'm not sure about this," Austin protested weakly as he was led down the street by his sister. After staying in the shadows for most of his first year his sister seemed to be taking it on herself to push him into the spotlight. She now had some crazy idea that he should by a broom and...