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  1. Marcus Carnahan

    Closed The Most Punderful Time of the Year

    His attention drawn by Thistle’s exclamation to put her drawing on the tree, Marcus gasped, taking the piece of paper in his hands and looking at the multi-coloured worm in awe. “I love it! A Christmas Critter! We can put it…. here?” He asked, holding the paper as low as possible, underneath the...
  2. Marcus Carnahan

    Perfect Match

    I gotta admit I think Sydney and Samantha Jacobs could be cute :D
  3. Marcus Carnahan

    Closed The Most Punderful Time of the Year

    Christmas was Marcus’ third favorite time of year, right below Guy Fawkes night and Halloween as one of the best holidays. Unfortunately, Christmas did not have fireworks or pranks, but it still had the opportunity to dress up and eat treats, among many other traditions that made the holiday...
  4. Marcus Carnahan

    Closed Blame It on My Youth

    Theia accepted the galleon at least, which was all Marcus could really hope for. In such an important moment when he was sure the entire family was likely feeling mixed emotions, it seemed as if his gesture had fulfilled its purpose of cheering Theia up slightly, and lightening the mood for...
  5. Marcus Carnahan

    Closed Blame It on My Youth

    It was a milestone seeing a child off to Hogwarts for the first time, more so when the child was your eldest. Marcus had been awaiting that day for years knowing it was the beginning of a new phase for all his children, the start of them inevitably growing up. With Theia starting school, it was...
  6. Marcus Carnahan

    Come on and SPAM!

    Ahh hii spam long time no see :p How's everyone's weekends going?? Mine has mostly been spent sleeping but its worth it =))
  7. Marcus Carnahan

    Rate the avi

    10/10 Love it!! It matches the sig so well :D