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  1. Oakley Everett

    Oakley Everett

    Oakley Everett Janurary 1, 2039 (10) Muggle Born Witch Born in Dunedin, New Zealand Currently in Auckland, New Zealand Pessimistic, Observant, Nurturing Appearance Oakley stands average for her age with facial features that come to a point. Wispy thin blonde hair falls down the sides of her...
  2. Oakley Everett

    Open Sandy Eyes

    Oakley curled her toes into the wet sand, feeling the grainy texture against her skin. She had a visit today with a prospective family for adoption and she couldn't decide how she felt. Since she was young she had been passed around from foster home to foster home but was often labeled a problem...
  3. Oakley Everett

    Account Email/Pass Missing

    I created this account as a subaccount without choosing and email and password. I am unable to add an email to this account because I don't have a password. I can't do forgot the password because I don't have an email. How do I go about fixing this mess?