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  1. Amethyst Michaels

    Debutante Ball

    -Set over the break- This entire thing was ridiculous. A debutante ball? Talk about ridiculous. She didn't need this 'find a suitor' nonsense, she had a suitor, one she was very much in love with. But would her Grandmother listen? No, Amaya was a Michaels. She had already bypassed being the...
  2. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Let's Celebrate

    Amaya had put a lot of effort into this. She looked nice, the red checkered picnic blanket was placed over the most comfortable spot on the cliffs with the best view, and her little wicker basket was full of Kace's favorite foods and snacks. Most of it was hand made, and it had taken her a lot...
  3. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Broken Hearts

    Amaya was having a rough time. Baron was getting on her nerves, she still hadn't spoken to Abian, and she had felt really vulnerable since the fight. She slipped away to the abandoned classroom, relieved it was... well, abandoned. She had brought along a small radio, even if the quality of the...
  4. Amethyst Michaels

    Yellow For the Healer

    It took Amaya several moments to realize why the next name on her list was so familiar. Lucius Verdelet, the only healer in school that Sapphire would swear by. She made her way up to the hospital wing, knocking on the door and waiting to see if it would be Lucius to answer.
  5. Amethyst Michaels

    Sunshine Yellow

    Amaya didn't know the next name on her list, but was determined to find her anyway. After a bit of digging, she discovered she was after a younger hufflepuff. She went to the table, looking around and raising her voice. "I have a rose for Jenna Jusantrea?" She watched for a reaction.
  6. Amethyst Michaels

    Red for Blue

    Once Amaya had left Kace, she turned to the next name on her list. Alright, Elsie. Simple enough. As luck would have it, she spotted the other girl when she looked up from her paper. "Elsie, wait up!" She called, running after her. "I have a rose for you," She smiled, pulling out the red rose...
  7. Amethyst Michaels

    Sunshine for a Gryffindor

    Amaya couldn't help but laugh at the next name on her list, making her way up to the seventh floor. She spotted her target easily. She slid up behind Kace, linking her arm through his. "Hey there, Tarzan," She greeted with a warm smile before holding out the yellow rose. "It does appear someone...
  8. Amethyst Michaels

    Pink is Red

    Amaya had asked her brother about the first name on her list, and now stood outside the dorm while Jasper perched Cyzarine for her. She hummed lightly to herself as she waited.
  9. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Out for a Swim

    It was a warm, sunny day, and while most kids were busy with some mock football game on the lawns she had taken advantage of the commotion to slip off to the lake. She climbed a tree, leaving most of her regular clothes on the ground so she was clad in no more than a simple black, one-piece...
  10. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Betrayal

    Amaya had no idea what she was supposed to say, but she did know that she couldnt just leave things the way they were. She rushed along the corridor, spotting who she was after and squeezing through the crowd. "Abian!" She called, grabbing his arm as soon as she was through the crowd. "Abian, we...
  11. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Wrong Twin

    Amaya was frustrated. She was still trying to sort out her life after the Yule Ball. She was still unsure of what had happened between her and Kace, especially after what had happened between him and Abian. She sighed, dropping down in front of the lake water and running her hands through her...
  12. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Just Dance

    Amaya was torn about attending the ball tonight. She had debated it a hundred times, but in the end the results were the same. With or without the stupid Gryffindor, she wanted to dance. She still stung a bit over the incident in the courtyard, it felt like the entire thing had been out of...
  13. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Try Not to Smile

    Amaya was nervous, even if it didnt logically make any sense. She hadn't spoken as much to Kace since their dance lessons had ended, and she missed him more than she wanted to admit. So him wanting to meet her at the lake had her a little on edge. Any time she thought she was getting over him he...
  14. Amethyst Michaels

    Open To Sea Again

    Amaya wished she could have just stayed at home. Not being able to dance with Kace, arguing with Abian, she was just... feeling especially alone lately. She wandered down to the lake and began skipping stones. She wanted to be home. No, scratch that, she wanted to be at sea. The breeze in her...
  15. Amethyst Michaels

    Closed Betrayed

    Amaya was furious. She had been vulnerable already, hurt and unbelievably disappointed that because she had grown taller than Kace she hadn't been able to dance with him at the wedding. But now, to find out through the rumor mill at school that Abian was with someone, without telling her...
  16. Amethyst Michaels

    Open Catching Up ((open after Daphne))

    Amaya wasn't really sure what she was doing tonight. But she wanted to be at the dance. Preferably dancing, but she didn't want to dance alone. She sighed. She wished she could dance with Kace, and she wished that he would kiss her again. Only... not because he was panicking. She tucked her hair...
  17. Amethyst Michaels

    Open Pink and Yellow for... Are You Serious?

    Amaya had delivered all but two of her roses and it had gone wonderfully. And the last two were for the same person, so that would be easy. She picked up her list as she entered the castle again. Who was- She stopped short as she saw the name on the bottom of her list. Kace. Her heart throbbed a...
  18. Amethyst Michaels

    Open Red Rose for the Snake

    Amaya knew the next name on her list, too. She was glad she was observant now, it made this whole thing so much easier. She wandered out to the courtyard, taking a look around. She had really just wanted some fresh air. She was surprised when she spotted her next delivery. Alright then, that was...
  19. Amethyst Michaels

    Open Yellow Rose for Hufflepuff, Again.

    Amaya wasn't surprised when her second Rose was another yellow for Hufflepuff. They were a really friendly house, weren't they? She looked at the note and the name. Ah, Mihail Styx. He and Lily had dated a bit a while back. She went to the Hufflepuff hall and quickly spotted him. He really was...
  20. Amethyst Michaels

    Open Yellow Rose, Hufflepuff. Of Course!

    Amaya was still uncertain about these Rose deliveries. She couldn't very well back out of it now, though, so she took the first yellow rose in her basket. Well, she knew of Samantha Jacobs, even if only because of her association with the Lockwoods. She read the note. Mm, it wasn't from Ren...