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  1. Lily Harbour

    Closed Keeping up

    Lily didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Terrell before he went home for the holiday. She wanted to make sure everything was good and that he arrived safely. She went up to the owlery with a letter in hand ready to send it to her friend. Dear Terrell, I hope you a had wonderful trip home and...
  2. Lily Harbour

    More characters, more plots!!!

    Lily Harbour Lily is a First year She is a typical Ravenclaw. She loves reading, mostly fantasy books. Lily alsoloves helping animals, people and plants She is shy,but once she starts talking and making friends she will open up. She loves nature Looking for: • EVERYTHING Sandy Sandy is a...
  3. Lily Harbour

    Old School Week Waiting

    Lily was staying at school over the holiday and decided to window shop in Brightstone. After a day of walking around alone looking at everything in every window, Lily headed over to the park and sat down on a swing, she swayed herself waiting for company
  4. Lily Harbour

    Old School Week Alone with a view

    Lily was staying at school over break, and all she did was sleep eat and stare. No reading or anything. She was tired of being in the form or the common room and went up to the north tower staring across the landscape, alone with the view.
  5. Lily Harbour

    Closed Climbing away from fear

    continued from here As Lily and Terrel stood in front of the cliffs, she looked at him and smiled. they were going to climb up the cliffs together. It had been a wonderful day, it didn't go quite as she expected. From helping...
  6. Lily Harbour

    Another banner

    Character Name: Lily Harbour Banner Type: You choose Celebrity Used: Emma Roberts Text on Banner: Lily Harbour Images: 1 2 Colour Scheme: Turquoise and gold Other: Thanks!
  7. Lily Harbour

    Jennifer's Banner

    Name: Jennifer Wade Celebrity used: Georgie Henly Banner type: You choose Text on Banner: Jennifer Wade Images: 1 2 3 Color: Light yellow and light green Other: Thank you!
  8. Lily Harbour

    Tell me about it.

    Lily wandered around not in the mood to study. She wanted to relax and just forget about exams for a while. Lily decided to go to the gardens.She sat under the usual tree, hoping for someone to pass by. She looked around and spotted one of her friends. She waved at Sofia motioning her to come...
  9. Lily Harbour

    Open Not supposed to do this.

    There was one place Lily hadn't dared to go yet. But today was the day. She was just too curious about the Forbidden Forest not to go and explore. Of course she knew they weren't allowed to but a little rule bending surely wouldn't do any harm, or would it? Today Lily decided to go into the...
  10. Lily Harbour

    Fresh air

    Continued from here Finding a way through fear Lily walked to the gardens with the boy. She didn't really catch his name. She would ask once they settled down on the grass. But for now she just wanted the boy to get some fresh air. She pointed toward a tree and said " We could sit there if...
  11. Lily Harbour


    Hey guys. I'm going to be absent for a long time. ( maybe a month or 2) My data is running out and I have a lot of school work to do. I'm sorry for all the lessons I'll be missing. Lauren☆
  12. Lily Harbour

    Open Awaiting a friend.

    Lily walked through the Vra at Hall's doors. She was absolutely amazed by the decorations and good and everything. She looked around and spotted someone she knew. @Eustace Ross . She walked over to him and said " Heyy Eustace! I like your costume. " Lily smiled at him and stood next to him as...
  13. Lily Harbour

    Open Catching up

    Lily had invited @Sofia White to join her at Brightstone village a few days ago. Lily walked to the village and waited for Sofia at the park. Lily hasn't talked to Soaf in a while so she was keen to catch up. Lily decided to sit down on a bench near by until her friend showed up. Lily was very...
  14. Lily Harbour

    New friend.

    Lily was still at Brightstone village after she had Butterbeers and fries with a friend.She strolled up and down the paths and then decided to go to the park. Lily looked for a spot under a tree in the middle of the park. She walked over to the big tree right in the middle and sat down on the...
  15. Lily Harbour

    Plots for Lily :)

    Lily Harbour ♡ Lily is a First year She is a Ravenclaw. She loves reading, mostly fantasy books. Lily alsoloves helping animals, people and plants ☆ She is shy,but once she starts talking and making friends she will open up. She loves nature Lily looks unaprotachable but she really isn't...
  16. Lily Harbour

    Lily Harbour relationships

    ♡ Lily Harbour ♡ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Family Robin Harbour (father)Lilith Harbour (mother) None (sister)None (brother) Friends Best friends Sofia...
  17. Lily Harbour

    Closed Letters from a "friend"

  18. Lily Harbour

    Closed Nature Lovers

    Lily was looking for some peace. Somewhere out side and quiet, but with a friend.Dhe could only think of one nice place with a spot she liked outside. It's the Wild Patch. Lily strolled outside and found her spot. She sat down taking a long grass and placing it in her mouth. She looked up at...
  19. Lily Harbour

    Learning spells with friends

    Lily and the girls walked from the wild patch to here to find a dark dark place to practise some spells. Lily spotted a quiet dark spot somewhere in the dungeons. She show the girls and went and sat down. She pulled out her wand and said. " So ... Are you guys ready for this?" and then she...
  20. Lily Harbour

    Open Wanderer

    Lily was fond of exploring the castle so she set out to the Hogwarts garden and then to the W8ld patch. As she arrived she looked around and spoofed a open spot on the grass. Lily walked over and sat down. She picked a flower and put it behind her ear. She was enjoying the nature and all the...