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    Siobhan marched her new pair of shoes on the stone ground of the Great Hall. New school year, new shoes. It was always a statement every year for her status. People looked at her as she pass by tables until she reached her favourite spot. A plate magically appeared in front of her and serving of...
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    Y34 Beauxbatons Quidditch Try-Outs

    Siobhan sat on the bleachers looking down at the tryouts below. She hadn't decided whether she will tryout or not but over the summer, she thought really hard about it. Siobhan wanted to have some fun because she only has two more year of school and all she did was study to be something or...
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    Siobhan Van Stroodeem - 6th year - Beauxbatons Amelia Van Stroodeem - 1st year - Beauxbatons
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    Closed Special Meeting

    They started the day arguing. The remaining Van Stroodeem sisters were yelling that the other stole someone's clothes. Siobhan stormed out of Amelia's room after trashing her sister's room looking for a pair of sweaters. She was frustrated that she can't find it and that she can't wear it in New...
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    Nah, you're always so good to us 😢 thank you
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    Character's Name: Siobhan Van Stroodeem Banner Type: Blend Celebrity you're using: Laura Marano Images: One , Two , Three Text on banner: Shining from her title Colour Scheme: From purple to lavender Other: None