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    Closed Heart Made of Flowers

    Poppy smiled when Shale said spending the dance with her sounded good. She was a little surprised at the other girls answer. She wasn't used to being people's first choice, and she felt her ears grow hot from the sudden attention. "Well in that case we should really check the snack table at the...
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    Closed Heart Made of Flowers

    Poppy felt her face heat up as Shale admitted she had no plans and returned the question at her. "No." she admitted a bit sheepishly but shrugged. "But it felt wrong to miss it you know?" she asked looked to Shale expectantly. This would be her last dance so Poppy hoped she understood what she...
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    Closed Heart Made of Flowers

    Poppy had just put half a cookie in her mouth as Shale greeted her. "Hey!" she tried to say but came out a mumbled mess. She laughed and swallowed her bite quickly before sheepishly smiling. "I am!" she said brightly and realized her mood and increased significantly by the other girl's presence...
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    Valentine's Dance

    Poppy Perkins, Solo
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    Closed Heart Made of Flowers

    For the first time Poppy had really considered not going to the Valentine's dance. The semester was already taking a toll on her and even without delivering roses she was tired. But when she tired to tell herself that she would just go next year she realized that next year was her last. Her time...
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    Y39 Dueling Tournament Sign-Ups

    Simon Thorne - Seventh Year Indira Khatri - Third Year Caleb Thorne - Second Year Opps all Slytherins x_x
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    standard plot request thread

    Yay! Maybe something in the common room? He can be feeding his frog if she'd be interested in that? If that works I can start something tomorrow?
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    standard plot request thread

    Hi Mia! I think Niamh and Felix, my first year, would make good friends. He's also in Hufflepuff and while he's not that quiet he is very patient with people and would think she is fascinating with her accent and being from so far away. He might even let her hold his frog haha.
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    Getting Organized for S2

    Hello hello. Here are some ideas if you’d like. Flynn x Delilah: I think throwing these two together could be interesting, especially after the train. I think if he wanted to get information on a certain Gryffindor she’d probably be the lease intimidating option. She doesn’t really understand...
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    Plotting for 2nd Semester

    A little late to the party but I thought throw some things out there, or at least one thing. Seraphina x Delilah, they've interreacted a few times and I don't think they hate each other haha. But Delilah is also going to be really reckoning with her attraction to girls, mostly starting next...
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    Open Phoenix Scouts: Holiday Camp

    Poppy tried to hide another laugh as Lysander told Hester not to scratch the top of his owl’s head, only to do it himself a moment later. She grinned when they welcomed her. “I could hardly come empty handed.” She teased and followed Lysander as they went farther into the brush looking for...
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    Character Spotlight: September

    Congrats Sophia! :party:
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    Happy Birthday Kiersten!

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!! :hug:
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    A Corelli request

    No problem! Glad you like it! Request Completed & Archived Your Graphics Request has been successfully completed and as such has been archived. Feel free to place more graphics requests as you find need.