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    HM Meeting Y36/S1

    Nell tried to crush the butterflies fluttering in her stomach as the new club members began to arrive, trying to look confident as she greeted the first couple with a smile and a 'hey'. She was surprised when the third person to join them flounced into the room with a rather rude question...
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    someone like you

    Nell LOVED tonight. She had always really enjoyed Halloween, but this year... she hadn't been able to stop grinning since she and Selene had come up with their costume ideas. It was exciting, putting on one of her girlfriend's dresses and trying to copy her mannerisms. Nell wished she had...
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    HM Meeting Y36/S1

    To say Nell was nervous would be an understatement. Running the paper was the biggest responsibility she had ever held in her life, and she didn't know how well she was going to be able to handle it. Her appalling grades last year were plenty of evidence that balance was not her strong suit...
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    Y36 Costume Contest

    Nell Wright with Selene Le Fey as Selene Le Fey
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    Y36 Club Fair

    Nell beamed as the girl signed up, pleased to have another new member for the club. She shook her head when the girl asked if there was anything she should know before the first meeting. "No, don't worry! There are a lot of new people this year, so our first meeting there's going to be a lot...
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    Y36 Club Fair

    "See you!" Nell said cheerfully as one of the new members departed, pleased to have grown their numbers by so much. She had taken the moment of quiet to check over the sign up list and see who was interested when another girl approached the table, taking her by surprise. "Oh, yes!" Nell said...
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    Wild Patch Club

    Nell Wright Ravenclaw Fifth Year
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    Student Defence Association

    Nell Wright Ravenclaw Fifth Year
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    Heta Omega

    Nell Wright Ravenclaw Fifth Year
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    Hogwarts Monthly

    Nell Wright Ravenclaw Fifth Year Editor
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    Fifth Years

    Nell Wright Ravenclaw
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    Y36 Club Fair

    "Totally!" Nell said brightly, pleased that there were so many young students interested in joining the club. "Here, just sign up on this list!" She said, handing the girl a list and a pencil. @Estella Fuentes
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    Y36 Club Fair

    Nell beamed as the new girls signed up for the club, pleased to have so many new members under her wing. She nodded as one of them asked her a question, smiling cheerfully. "We do! Our first meeting will likely be in a couple of weeks, so we can get started working on this semester's issue as...
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    Y36 Club Fair

    Nell smiled and waved goodbye to the girl who had offered her a biscuit as another girl approached. She smiled in response to her question, nodding. "Sort of a magazine meets a newspaper." Nell explained. "We report on what's going on in the castle and issues important to Hogwarts students...
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    Y36 Club Fair

    Nell smiled brightly as another girl approached, a little surprised at the offer. "Oh thank you, but no thanks." Nell smiled. She was already having to talk so much, and she didn't want to imagine what this would be like with a full mouth. "Go ahead!" She said brightly, offering the girl as...