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    Open Flowers Flowering Galore - WPC Event

    Nell had been excited all semester to return to the Wild Patch. She had always loved gardening, and it was exciting to do something she enjoyed so much surrounded by so many people who all loved it too. Nell had never had many friends to talk about plants with, and she relished the...
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    Yule Ball

    Name: Nell Wright Partner: Solo
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    Needs the plots

    And here's the one for Nell & Adorah! :D
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    Open Castle of Wonders

    As the weather was finally starting to warm up, Nell was excited to spend some more time outdoors. There was always lots to do inside the castle, but she missed spending time in nature, and it was nice to get outdoors for a bit. Nell had brought one of her schoolbooks, as she wanted to make...
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    Open Hogwarts Monthly S1 Meeting

    Nell had enjoyed every moment on the school paper so far last year, and privately thought it might be her favourite of the myriad clubs she had joined. She was excited that her writing had been published twice already, and couldn't wait to see what they would be writing about this year. Not...
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    The Costume Contest

    Nell Wright as the wrong holiday
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    Heta Omega

    Name: Nell Wright House: Ravenclaw Year: Second
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    Hogwarts Monthly

    Name: Nell Wright House: Ravenclaw Year: Second Title: Reporter
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    Student Defence Association

    Name: Nell Wright House: Ravenclaw Year: Second
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    Wild Patch Club

    Name: Nell Wright House: Ravenclaw Year: Second
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    Second Years

    Name: Nell Wright House: Ravenclaw
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    Open Y33 Club Fair

    Despite her resolution to experience everything Hogwarts had to offer, last year's club fair had presented one club Nell had been unable to join due to her age alone. This year though, that was all different. She slipped into the crowded club fair and made a beeline to the SDA booth, budging...
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    Truee, though I think most of them are dead @_@ TPBM is sorting more than one firstie this year!
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    Closed In Perfect Order

    Nell nodded as the boy explained what he was doing. "That's a good idea!" She said thoughtfully. "I go over my notes when I do my journalling but I don't re-write them, do you think it helps much? Where did you get the idea? Have you always done that or did you start at Hogwarts?" She...
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    Closed In Perfect Order

    Nell was absorbed in her work, but she looked up when a boy she knew from class joined her, giving him a bright smile in greeting. She wanted to say hi but the boy looked like he wanted to focus on his work, so Nell reluctantly lowered her head back to the page she was carefully filling in the...