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    Yule Ball

    Name: Maya Emilia Bloom Partner: Solo
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    First Years

    Name: Maya Emilia Bloom House: Hufflepuff house
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    Banner ♡

    It's perfect. Thanky :wub:
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    Banner ♡

    Character name: Maya Emilia Bloom Celebrity used: Julianne Adamenko Images : 1 Text on the banner: Maya Emilia Bloom. Collor: She is warm and soft girl. Warm collors please. Other:Thanky.
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    New Year Plots

    I will try to figure out stories. XD
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    Plots with Maya.

    Maya, Emilia Bloom! Hey, everyone! I wanted present your image with a short story about Maya. She grew up in a loving family that has never experienced difficult times and money problems. Maya is a new model coming from Ukraine. After graduating, Russian Primary School, then enrolled in a model...
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    New Year Plots

    Hey, Ruben! Maya and Noah Mendes? Can be friends and go shcool together? She is model from Russia but she understand English :)
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    Maya Emilia Bloom.

    ------------------------------------------------------------ Maya Emilia Bloom! ------------------------------------------------------------ Full name: Maya Emilia Bloom* Maya can be as well a name of Japanese origin, with different meanings. Variants include Mayako and Mayaka. The...