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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Open Fire Red

    Leif smiled when a younger girl came up to him. He knew it was the time of rose deliveries, yet once again he hadn’t send out himself. He never had and he always hoped he wouldn’t offend anyone by not sending them a rose. “That’s me.” He smiled and nodded at the girl in confirmation.
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    Open Last Best

    Leif had always figured things like the Yule Ball were far more easy for guys than they were for girls. They just put on a suit and things would be fine, whilst girls often went through a lot more trouble. He had never thought that Therese needed to put in much work, as she pretty much looked...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

    Date Mateee! :r
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    Open Topics to Jump Into

    Name of RP + Link: A Pop Of Colour Characters in RP: Leif Odegard Brief overview: Leif is trying to figure out his plans for the future and has decided to catch a break by taking a stroll through the gardens. Additional information: anyone is welcome to join (babe just needs some nice company...
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    Open A Pop Of Colour

    Leif had been trying to get his thoughts in order and his plans for the future figured out. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to be having any luck with that yet. He was struggling, but he didn't want to show it. Especially not to his girlfriend. She seemed far more certain of what she wanted with...
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    Closed Twilight Downtime

    Leif was glad the other boy didn't seem too upset about being bumped into. Still, he felt bad that he hadn't been paying attention. This normally wouldn't be something that would happen to him, but the boy was so wrapped up in his own thoughts at it was starting to take a toll on him. "I'm sure...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

    I guess mate?
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    Perfect Match

    Ferrah & Asaiah are cute af
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    Closed Twilight Downtime

    In recent days Leif had found that he much rather enjoyed spending time outside of the castle than he did inside, no matter the weather. Today wasn't a bad day weatherwise and the sun even came out every now and then so the seventh year decided to get out of the castle and get some air. For some...
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    Getting Back Into It

    Awesome! I've got the one for Landon & Leif posted in his office.
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    Closed A Romantic Picnic

    Leif couldn't say he was surprised that Therese was thinking about continuing to play Quidditch after she had graduated. He know she liked the sport, and she wasn't bad at it either. "Well if you just keep working as hard as you do, I think any club would be foolish not to take you on." He...
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    Open Bake Sale!

    Being not even half as creative as his friend is, Leif slightly shook his head as she looked at the product worriedly. "They're fun! C'mon, I'd be happy to be only half as creative as you are for coming up with them." He encouraged her. Not only did the names match the sweets, but they looked...
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    Open Bake Sale!

    Leif had been making his way back into the school after spending some time outside, when he noticed a small group of students gathered around something in the entrance hall. With nothing planned he decided to move closer, only to spot a familiar face. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of...
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    Closed A Romantic Picnic

    Leif smiled at Therese again, or perhaps he had started smiling when he arrived and just couldn't seem to stop. He didn't want to stop. He was happy and he wanted to make sure she knew. The boy didn't seem himself as anything near perfect, but he wasn't going to argue with her over something...