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    For a week...ish

    Have fun, don't forget the sunscreen!!
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    Open Dancing Flower

    Kace nodded, admitting to being a part of the wild patch club. "For now, until I find something else," he added then bounce away with his yellow rose. Alice was just as chill as her sister, Kace wouldn't mind befriending the girl. Since they were a part of the club it was possible that might end...
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    Oh, snap! Party time, congrats cuz!!

    Oh, snap! Party time, congrats cuz!!
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    Aye, what's this about cuz?

    Aye, what's this about cuz?
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    Open Dancing Flower

    Kace nodded, "You should! But, the flower crown is cool. I think they were making em at the club she runs, I don't remember," Kace shrugs. It wasn't the most interesting club at school, Kace solely joined the club to purposely be around Elliot. They were polar opposite and yet, Kace finds...
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    Closed You Did It!

    Kace nodded, his arms were a little weak from forcing it some, but he'll be okay. "It was, can't say I ever raced like that. It was lit, dude," or he did and didn't remember. Kace enjoyed himself, he can't really say the same for his Hufflepuff friend. Racing is not for everyone. "I don't know...
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    Open Colorful Rose Ambition

    Kace laughs, "I knew it! Your parents must really like Star Wars," Kace forgets how he knew the series, honestly, he more aware of the characters than the actual stories behind them. It's hard to ignore if one had friends back in New York who like to sport their faces in t-shirts and kicks. Or...
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    Open Breakfast Bloom

    Kace swallowed his juice fast and took the pink rose from the older boy. "Hey, what's up man?" Kace greeted, twiddling the pink rose stem that was delivered to him noteless. "Cool, I mean, who am I suppose to thank without a note?" Kace questioned out loud. "And what does this it mean when the...
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    Open Colorful Rose Ambition

    Kace took the rose and read the note, it was from Sierra. Kace hadn't spoken much to her this year, other than lessons and time in the common room. He felt a little bad for not making any attempts to hang out with the girl. She was cool, undoubtedly hyper just like Kace. "Thanks bro, hey, are...
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    Come on and SPAM!

    Eek, pink eye. I had that last year or the year before that. It's so uncomfortable to have.
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    Open Dancing Flower

    "Thanks, Alice," Kace grins wildly, pushing the note between his fingers while he twiddles with the stem of the yellow rose. "I did! It was fun, it helped me learn my way around Hogwarts. Also, I was all dress in red to look like Cupid," Kace superbly admitted with a casual nod of his head. "Oh...
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    A Spooky Wedding

    I think she means winter break in New Zealand, Madlyn and Chayton is winter break in America, right? :P
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    Closed You Did It!

    Kace was hunched over with his hands balance on both knees, not as tired but a little spent from the obstacles they had successfully finished. "Yeah, we would've won but that tall lady had us beat!" Kace laughed, and huff some catching up with his breath. He peaked over his shoes, his kicks had...
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    Closed Running Into You

    Kace slapped her hand like some of his friends did back home in the city, smiling broadly ever so big. "Oh yeah, no doubt! Catch you around erm, what's your name again?" Kace doesn't recall asking for a name, he inquired so before she took off. This castle so huge, there no telling when he will...
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    Perfect Match

    Analei x Simon (Arvel is bad news :r )