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    Y37 Graduation: Guests

    The last couple of years had gone by in a blur, and yet it felt like no time at all had passed since Charlie's own graduation. Being back at Hogwarts felt strange, like stepping into a different life entirely. But today was about Emily, a thought that was even stranger to Charlie. Ever since...
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    Charlie Madison

    C h a r l i e V a l e r i a M a d i s o n You are the reason I'm smiling • When there is nothing to smile about F A M I L Y Maria Madison - Adoptive Mother, on good terms Odette Madison - Older Adopted Sister, on good terms Emily Madison - Younger Adopted Sister, on good terms Finn Madison...
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    Y35 Graduation Ceremony

    Charlie had spent seven years longing for today, and it had come at last. No more exams to worry about, no more classes to attend, school was finally, finally over for good. After all of the stress and headaches and tears, finally everything Charlie had been through here would be worth it...
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    Open Y35 Costume Contest

    Charlie Madison as a Glam Rocker
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    Apparition Exam

    Charlie almost couldn't believe what she was feeling. It was definitely something she had never felt before an exam in the past. Confidence. She had done better in the apparition lessons than she thought she had ever done in any other lesson before, and it was a relief to walk into the exam...
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    Open LGBTQ+ Pride 2050

    Charlie tried and failed not to jump when Phoebe approached, the pamphlets feeling as though they were burning a hole in her pocket. She tried to ignore the worries in the back of her mind and focus on Charlie, laughing at her girlfriend's proposition. "Definitely gross, but I'm in." She said...
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    Open LGBTQ+ Pride 2050

    Pride. Charlie always attended, mostly to spend time with Phoebe, but last year she had taken a step out of her comfort zone. The pile of crumpled pamphlets she had grabbed last year were somewhere lost at the bottom of her suitcase, and Charlie didn't know what she was going to do about them...
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    Apparition 3

    Charlie was heartbroken. It was hard to make herself show up to class at all, but she had done her best, dragging herself through the doors. She couldn't believe it. She had made it so far through the duels, only to make such a stupid mistake at the very end. Losing to Simon, of all people...
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    Apparition 2

    Well, it was over. Charlie's final school dance with her girlfriend. Now there was nothing ahead but Phoebe's graduation, and Charlie really didn't want to think about that. Phoebe was leaving, and Charlie would be stuck at this school all by herself for a whole year. As much as she wanted...
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    Apparition 1

    Even without important exams looming at the end of this year, Charlie was stressed about her schoolwork. She had tried to keep up with her studies over the holidays, but the drama at Phoebe's family's Christmas party had been something of a distraction, to say the least. Charlie knew her mum...
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    Open Planting A Wiggentree - SDA & WPC

    As irritated as she was by this whole mess, Charlie couldn't help cracking a small smile at Phoebe's teasing. The closer they got to Phoebe's inevitable graduation, the more Charlie felt her walls falling down. It was harder and harder to keep her face stony in public when they were together...
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    Open Planting A Wiggentree - SDA & WPC

    Charlie hadn't really considered that people other than Alistair were paying attention until some kid she didn't recognise chimed in. She shot him a withering look, considering pointing out that it was rude to listen in on other people's conversations, but before she could get a word in...
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    Open Planting A Wiggentree - SDA & WPC

    Charlie had been both surprised and annoyed when she was told how the SDA would be closing out the year. This seemed even more pointless than the lunch thing they had had last year. Arms folded, Charlie approached Alistair with a frown as soon as she reached the gardens. "If I wanted to plant...
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    Roses in reverse

    "Good." Charlie snapped, snatching the rose from the girl's hand and turning away at once. She didn't listen to anything else the girl had to say, only caring that her privacy hadn't been invaded. Once she was at an angle where she was sure the girl couldn't snoop over her shoulder, Charlie...
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    Y34 Duelling Match #22

    Current Points: 150 Charlie was beyond pleased with what short work she had made of Shane. Dueling reminded Charlie how sure she was that she wanted to be an auror and with that goal firmly in mind, she was determined to win her second duel as well and reclaim the title she had won last year...