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    Open In The Safety of Colors

    Amy nodded."I think that there would be a lot of nice places to paint at. And you'd be able to capture them nicely too. Amy wasn't very good, so going outside to draw or paint was not something that she was thinking about. But Lars was good and it seemed he liked painting outside."Maybe there's...
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    Open In The Safety of Colors

    "I think that daydreaming counts. I do it too often when I'm supposed to be asleep." Amy laughed. She would spend long hours daydreaming in bed and then would be tired the next morning."Nature is cool too. I don't really spend much time outside. I've been trying to go outside more though. I...
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    First Years, Lesson Six: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

    Amy was first into Charms class and took a seat at the front of the room. She had been practicing her spells as often as she could, and felt that she was really getting the hang of things. She was definitely a lot more confident then she had started out being. But practicing was important to her...
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    First Years, Lesson Six

    Amy came into the History of Magic classroom a little flustered. She knew exams were approaching and she was trying to study hard. However, she was maybe pushing herself a little far. She decided that it was important to be relaxed while coming into exams, and not stressed, but it was hard for...
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    Open Melancholy Melodies

    Amy looked a little confused, but nodded slowly."Okay, I'm just going to go into the next room." Sure, the next room wasn't too far away, but Amy really needed to practice. And it was obvious that this girl wasn't going leave any time soon."Have fun."
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    First Years, Lesson Five: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

    Amy grinned when Mark said that he would be her partner."Let's get started then!" Mark went first and disarmed her. He handed back her wand and she had her turn."Expelliarmus!" Mark's wand flew from his hand. Amy grabbed out for him and handed it back. She thought about how handy this spell...
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    First Years, Lesson Five

    Amy entered the History of Magic classroom, hoping that today's class would be interesting. It wasn't her favourite subject and had found that she wasn't studying it as much as she should've been. She took a seat and pulled out her notes. The class began and Amy was relieved to find out they...
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    First Years, Lesson Five: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

    Amy looked around the classroom for someone to pair up with. She wasn't sure if they had to pair up with someone in their house or if they could pair up with anyone. She spotted Mark, who she had hung out with a few times and said,"Would you like to pair up?"
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    Transfiguration 1:5

    Amy was one of the first students to come into the transfiguration classroom and took a place at the front. She hoped that they would be doing something similar to the last lesson, because she had finally gotten the hang of it by the end of the class. She pulled out her notes and read over them...
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    Transfiguration 1:4

    Amy took a seat in the transfiguration classroom and pulled her wand and notes out. It wasn't long before the class started, and Amy was a little disappointed that they wouldn't be casting spells. However, when the professor said that they would be casting spells on their quills, she grinned...
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    Practicing in a Bit of Peace

    Amy rolled her eyes as the girl left."I'm glad!" She called out, after the girl's comment on not wanting to spend anymore time near her. She packed up all but one of her books, pulled her bag onto her back, and began walking up to the castle. As she passed the girl, she held her wand and...
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    Open Practice Makes Perfect

    Amy nodded."I definitely agree, classical pieces are challenging. I've never tried learning something by ear. Is it hard?" Amy did know that she had a good ear, but she wasn't sure if she would be able to do this.
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    Open Racing Off

    Amy laughed and tore off after Ree."Come on guys!" She called back to the boys. She was still a bit behind Ree, but thought that it would be good to go easy for a bit while she got her breathing even and her feet under her. She grinned feeling the wind blow through her hair. She began to speed...
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    Open Practice Makes Perfect

    "Thank you! I agree, it's great to meet someone else that can play." Amy was super excited. Not many other people she had met at school were into playing."I've never tried any songs from Muggle movies. That's a great idea though! I've always played more classical pieces." Amy thought about maybe...
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    Closed Spells and stones

    Amy was down by the lake practicing spells. She found being by herself at the lake was calming, and it was particularly quiet that day. She had her notes scattered around her, all held down by rocks and stones so they didn't get caught in the wind and taken into the water."Wingardium Leviosa!"...