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    Do you mind starting? If you do mind I can too but it would take a little bit.
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    Happy Birthday Jamie!

    Happy Birthday!
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    That Time Again

    Hi Jamie! Good job! Good to see you around again!
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    Yay! I think Ella's prejudice isn't big secret as it's how she kept most people at a distance in hear first few years. I imagine she regrets that a bit now, but Charlie could definitely know about it. I'd be curious how they get along!
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    Hi Steven! For Asaiah, I can throw Odette at him after she graduates? He's missed some things happening in her life and they can catch up? I'm hoping to get her a position on the same team after graduating, so that would be a lot of fun. For Charlie I can offer you my character Ella Arora who...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Back Again

    Steven! Good job finishing everything! And actually staying off HNZ from what, September until June? That takes some commitment to school, I'm sure you've done great. I don't think we really had any plots brewing, but we should!
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    Come on and SPAM!

    Sleeeeping. I'm so tired from my trip
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    Until Friday

    I'm back and I'm very tired. I'll start trying to catch up :D
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    Until Friday

    Hi guys! You may have noticed me being a bit slower than usual lately, but that's about to be over! I am finishing up my last assignments for the school year as we speak. After that (starting tomorrow) I'm going on a trip with school until Friday and then my school year is over and done with...
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    Have a good holiday!
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    travel the world to see the ruins of what has been

    Ohh Mia, have so much fun! Denmark seems like a great place, though I've never been there. It sounds like a fun adventure! I hope you have a great time :D
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    Rehearsals and shows

    Ahh Kiersten that sounds busy but also fun! I hope it all goes well :D
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    2019 OOC Superlatives Winners!

    I don't know how I give the impression I lose posts a lot, but it may have something to do with my tendency to post with the wrong character :r :P One day.... :glare: Congrats to everyone, this is always fun :D
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    Y33 Quidditch

    It's hard to keep up with the bludgers in this match xD