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    Open Double Hitter

    Alexis smiled at Sully. She liked his bright personality, so much that she almost did not catch what he said. He delivered her roses to Josh and assumed the wrong thing. She did not know whether to laugh or not but she let out a small chuckle. Imitating him with the fingers, "Friend? We're best...
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    Open Double Hitter

    Alexis had just come down from the tower and en route to the student lounge. She saw what seemed to a retreating figure of her best friend from where she was going. Breathing a sigh of relief, she was a bit pleased not to bump into him since it was the time of rose deliveries. She wondered if he...
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    Yellow Hits the Ground

    Alexis sat across the girl. With her brother working with dragons, she had seen pictures of the dragons he had handled. "I remember Armin had a female Ridgeback when he was in Romania. Armin's my brother", she said, smiling. "Can I pet him?", she asked Madeline.
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    Five down, Two to go!!

    Five down, Two to go!!
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    Yellow for Blue

    Alexis just laughed at the interaction between Nell and a Slytherin named Jasper. Their interaction was so adorable that she would wonder if this friendship would be like hers with her best friend Joshua. She decided to scoot beside Nell and grabbed a plate for herself as rose deliveries made...
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    Closed The Art of Avoidance

    Alexis was about to step back from the Great Hall when Jenna appeared beside her. The Slytherin seemed to be looking at the same direction she was setting her eyes on. Hoping that Jenna did not notice her, she was about to slip away when the young girl directed her attention at the Ravenclaw...
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    Pssh.... I deserved to be yelled at. I'm glad you like them.

    Pssh.... I deserved to be yelled at. I'm glad you like them.
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    Walking Yellows

    Alexis looked thoughtful. Growing blue and green roses would be tricky for now. Then an idea came to her. Bright blue eyes looked at Elliot. "Instead of growing them, why not change their colors. For now.", her mind gears were whirring already on the idea. "I mean it's not the same as growing...
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    Red Blooms in the Courtyard

    Alexis saw the slight disappointment on Emilia's face as she saw the rose. Always optimistic, she handed it to the Hufflepuff along with the card. "Here you go.", she said with an encouraging smile. She wondered if she should ask her whether she was feeling okay. Throwing caution to the wind...
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    Open Unknown Rose

    Alexis smiled at the first year student. She remembered the Gryffindor when they were handed their rose assignments. "Thanks. Your name is Mark, am I right?", she asked with a chuckle as she received the rose and took a peek at the card. It came from her good friend, Noelle Maxwell.
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    //ooc// will post when i can, just recovered from illness and need to catch up on work

    //ooc// will post when i can, just recovered from illness and need to catch up on work
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    Yellow Hits the Ground

    Alexis recognized the girl from the distribution of the rose assignments to the volunteers. Madeline stood out from the group because of her mini dragon which was with her during the deliveries. Sitting across the younger girl, she also took out the card from her pocket and handed it to the girl...
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    Yellow for Green

    Alexis nodded at Diana's question. "Yep, he's a good friend and teammate.", she replied. Simon was indeed a good friend, even though they had kind of drifted apart since they were in different clubs. They had a friendly competition in academics. "You're welcome. Happy Valentines Diana. Say hi to...
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    Closed Best be bludgered

    Alexis could not erase the smile on her face despite the pain she was in. Although she was already on the mend, she was still sore from the hits. Looking at Josh, he seemed to be struggling for words, however, a movement from the direction made her look toward it. The figure approaching her bed...
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    Walking Yellows

    Seeing Elliot smiled over the note made the Ravenclaw smile as well. This had always been her favorite part in rose deliveries. At Elliot's joke, Alexis nodded, laughing. "That would be a great idea. Maybe we could even grow roses for different houses. We only need blue and green.", she added...