Transfiguration Make-Up Section Y46 (Years 5 - 7)

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~ Professor Kalif Styx
Ruto Vernier-Raison
Fifth Year
Lessons 1 & 2

Lesson One
Ruto had thought her time at Hogwarts was going by very quickly. She was already in her fifth year of schooling and she was one of the older students now. Additionally, Professor Josephs somehow decided she would be a good fit as a prefect, and so she now had to wear a badge on her robe that would most likely intimidate the younger students. But she didn’t care very much about it. She wasn’t going to let that alter herself. She was just the same old Ruto as she was before. With a shrug, she packed everything into her backpack and headed to her classes.

Roo made her way to her Transfiguration class, knowing that this would be the last year that she would be taking this class. She didn't enjoy it very much, but thought to at least give it one more year. She took her usual seat and listened as the professor started the lesson. He began lecturing them about vanishing spells, which was what they would be learning that semester. The teen took out her writing equipment and tried her best to take some notes as the professor went on. The lesson dragged on, but eventually it concluded and Roo was able to head out and to her next class.

Lesson Two
The first week back of classes weren’t really different to what Roo expected them to be, even with the added pressure of it being her OWL year. The professors kept reminding them that this year would be difficult, but truthfully Ruto did not believe them. The only thing that would make the year difficult was if they let the burden of classes and homework get to them. At the end of the day, Ruto knew that her grades weren’t going to reflect her future. She simply followed her classmates to wherever she had to be, keen for them to be over.

Ruto entered the Transfiguration classroom, taking her usual seat. With a wave of his wand, the professor made some erasers be placed on their desk. They were going to be vanishing them that lesson. With a shrug, Roo took out her wand and began trying to practice. She tried to imagine that the eraser was invisible and that she could see right through it. It took a couple of goes, and was a little bit frustrating, but eventually Roo managed to get the hang of it. She was quick to leave the classroom at the end of the class once dismissed.
Aine Thompson
Seventh Year
Lesson 4

It seemed they were getting into the revision part of the semester, which was something of a relief for Aine. Although her schedule wasn't that packed with magic classes, Transfiguration was the one that was definitely hardest. More time to try and make sure she could nail the magic they'd learned, the better. And the revision was much needed, as the quiz was not as straightforward as she would have hoped. Or rather, it was, but some of the spells she'd barely thought about since first year.

With that in mind, once she finished the quiz she thought it might not be bad to brush up on some of the really early spells they'd learned. She would try them non-verbally, though, so it would look slightly less pathetic to the professor. Aine mostly struggled with visualising the details of things at times, so she turned her textbook into a jewelery box. Actually a box, this time, not one that was carved out of a book, but it didn't really have much in the way of embellishment. Still, she did it without saying the incantation out loud, so that had to count for something, didn't it? Even more when she successfully turned it back the way it was meant to be. It was kind of nostalgic, in a way, to see that she really had come a long way since first year.
Name: Leah Thorne
House: Gryffindor
Year: Fifth
Lesson(s) Missed: 1-4

Lesson One
Leah felt a bit strange having new professors this year and she had heard a lot about Professor Styx. But she refused to be intimidated as she entered the classroom and took her seat. She didn’t know why it was dark in here. From her experience older people needed more light to see. But she didn’t dwell on that thought long as the lesson finally began and they went over what they would be learning this semester. Vanishing sounded hard but she felt up to the task. She had never really thought about what would happen to something once it vanished but it made sense that other people had. She made sure to write down the spell before they were dismissed without homework.

Lesson Two
Leah had felt a little annoyed about being passed up for a prefect badge but as the semester really started and with the threat of OWLs at the end of the year she was glad to have more free time to spend studying. She took her seat as Professor Styx conjured chalkboard erasers for them to vanish. That seemed easy enough but she listened to his lecture until it was time for them to try themselves. Leah was sure she could vanish several by the end of class but as she tapped her wand three times and said the incantation nothing happened. She took a deep breath and tried again. It ended up taking her several times and focusing much harder than she expected for the eraser to finally vanish. She felt exhausted by the time it was over and packed up her things to leave when the lesson was over.

Lesson Three
Leah was looking forward to her lessons and even managed to make it to class with plenty of time to spare. She took her seat and got ready as Professor Styx closed the door and started the lesson. She had expected they would be vanishing something a big larger this week but a snail would not have been her first guess. The thought of splinching even a snail made her stomach twist. She would just have to be extra careful then. Leah took a few steadying breaths to quiet her mind and focus on the spell. That seemed to be her biggest difficulty with this subject so far. Once she felt like she was ready she tapped the snail three times and said the incantation. Much to relief the snail vanished and all in one piece. She considered getting another to practice with but she didn’t want to vanish a creature just because. So she watched her classmates as they practiced until it was time to be dismissed.

Lesson Four
Leah yawned as she walked into class. She hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and she was starting to feel it now. She took her seat and had a good guess as to what they would be doing today. She frowned a little as she was given a mouse. It was rather cute and she didn’t like the idea of vanishing it but she knew she needed the practice. She made sure to focus before she let the mouse go on the desk in front of her. Thankfully it didn’t try and run and she was able to tap it three times and say the incantation. She wasn’t sure if she had focused this intently on anything before, and much to her relief the mouse vanished all in one piece. And again she didn’t grab another to practice on and instead decided to leave. She needed a nap anyways.
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