Transfiguration 6:2

Professor Styx sat at her desk, looking forward to today's lesson. A number of water glasses sat on her desk, ready to be used in practice today. As her students filed into the class, she continued to write a letter. She quickly finished it and sat it to the side. Once they were settled, she rose and began the class.

"Welcome!" she greeted the sixth years. "Conjuring is our focus this year. Who can tell me what it means to conjure?" Professor Styx asked as she looked around the room, calling on the first hand that rose. After listening to the answer, she nodded and continued. "You are correct. Good answer."

Moving back towards her desk, Jacqueline picked up a goblet. She tapped her wand three times and spoke the incantation, "Aguamenti". A stream of water flowed out from her wand, and filled her glass. "Today we will be conjuring water. The spell is Aguamenti. Let's say that together please. Aguamenti." She listened to the class repeat the word. "Wonderful. There are a few key things to remember with conjuring. First, you must concentrate. Picture in your mind the object that you are wishing to have. For example, I filled the goblet by picturing it filled with water. This also helps to control the amount of water you get, or amount of any other object for that matter. The more accurate and detailed you picture what you are trying to conjure the better the result. Second, you still need to use the three tap method and speak the incantation carefully. If you say it wrong, you might just have a different result." She said, a little sternly, hoping the students understood her warning was to be heeded. Even the best wizard or witch goofed occasionally.

"With that, please come an pick out a drinking glass. You can continue to practice as much as you need. I do request that I get to taste your water for grading. Make sure when you are picturing the water in your mind, you also envision the taste and smell. Accuracy and detail are important. I will be here for any questions you may have." With that, she let them get to work, sitting at her desk ready for them to bring her the water to test out.

Homework: Simply RP the lesson. Please bring the water up to me to taste and grade.

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Minnie had wondered if the last of the students that had run the rose giving had left and that had been why they hadn’t had it the year before, but as it turned out, it wasn’t that at all. It had just skipped a year and now it was back and Minnie had pondered and thought about the note and rose she wanted to send to Eric, she thought red was a little overly bold but worried he might send red and if he did and she sent pink in return that he might get a little upset about it. She didn’t want to upset him over roses. So she was sticking to her gut and just writing the note over and over and over until it was perfect. The teen had to do this between her studying, she couldn’t let her studying be distracted by her trying to figure out roses, so she was sticking to the plan keeping herself right and was rather sure that she was managing just fine with her notes. She finished getting ready for the day gathering up her books and notes and the final versions of all her homework and she headed out of the room.

Minnie walked into the transfiguration classroom and took her usual spot in the room. She was very keen to get to conjuring. She raised her hand to answer the question but wasn’t picked, instead she listened to what someone else said and then the professor who got started. The teen pulled her notes towards her and began writing down what the professor was telling them about it. She watched the demonstration and nodded along to the elements of control that she would need. The teen grabbed a cup when she could and then took it back to her seat. She took a moment to think about and attempt to more correctly remember the taste, smell and look of water before she then just pointed her wand at the cup and said. ”Aguamenti,” she managed to get a little water, but just empty the glass and tried again. It took a few tries but eventually Minnie conjured a glass of water and wasn’t too surprised when the professor said it was good. With that she packed up her things and headed out of the room.

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