Transfiguration 5:3

Professor Styx was busy working with a case on her desk as the students filed into the room. She began to walk around as she greeted them, handing each a snail. "Welcome, welcome. Please sit down quickly. We need to get right to work. This week we are going to work with something a bit more difficult. Snails are invertebrates, which will help make this a bit easier, but you do still need to concentrate more than with the erasers from last week."

Moving to the front, she put the extras in the case again, and turned to the class. "The method will be the same as always. However, with a living creature, you do need to remember that splinching is possible. Who knows what splinching is?" She looked around, and noted that a few hands were raised. She called on one, and listened to the answer. "Exactly. Thank you. Now we need to make sure that we are vanishing the entire creature, not just part of it." she smiled, then moved to take a snail out of the case. Setting it on her desk, she smiled at the class.

"Now, I want to mention that it is important to remember a bit of safety with vanishing spells. Never use them on another human being. It is not safe to do. You may land yourself in trouble with the Ministry if you do. Now, back to our little friend here." She smiled and then raised her wand, and with three taps in the air above the snail she said the spell and the snail was gone. "There. Nothing horrible. Now I want you all to try. I will be walking around as always if you need help."

RP attending the lesson. Practicing is optional The first poster respond to the question posed.

Linden Cullen

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Linden made his way to transfiguration. he was in a great mood he had enjoyed the brightstone weekend and enjoyed the blind dates. and there was a Quidditch game coming up. they were playing against slytherin so they would be unlikely to win but the game would be fun.
he listened as professor styx explained that they would be moving up to a bigger creatures at the question about splinching he raised his hand he knew the answer, his sister has splinched in her operation class "Splinching is when you are only able to part apporate vanish a person... or animal. leaving part of them behind" he said he took his snail and looked at it. he was sure that he could find other ways to make it disappear than magic. he was sure he would find some birds who could make it disappear very quickly. he placed the creature dotn and took his wand. tapping it slightly "Evanesco" he said but nothing happened. a free attempts later and it was looking a little shorter but he knew that was just how snails moved. and being poked by a stick probably didn't help them feel comfortable. a couple of attempts later and he had it the creature was gone leaving behind a slimy trail across his desk leading to nowhere. he was glad that he was able to cast the spell though he felt bad about vanishing the snail who his mind saw flying along through the void if vanished items. once the clas was over he picked up his things and headed out of the classroom making his way to the grounds

Leia Hume

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Leia was always a little unsure about halloween, it was such a difficult celebration for her to get right, at the very least she didn’t have to worry about a boy with it at least but she had to worry about how good her costume was because if she didn’t put in a lot of effort and it looked back she wouldn’t feel great if she put in some effort but everyone thought she’d put in too much effort then that wasn’t good either. There was a balance to be struck and she didn’t know how often she actually managed to do it. The teen was getting herself together for the school day ahead while half thinking about what she might need to do for the celebration. She didn’t want to not go to it, but going in a bad costume would be pretty embarrassing. Leia didn’t want that either. At the very least if someone made fun of her she’d be able to take points, but she knew that wasn’t a good use of her position. Eventually Leia had everything together and she headed out of the door and to her first class of the day.

Leia walked into the transfiguration classroom and took her usual spot in the room. Her gaze moved to the front of the classroom as the professor got started. Given that at the beginning of the year Professor Styx hadn’t outlined any other spells, Leia felt confident they’d just be building on the vanishing spell, and she was very pleased to be right about it. The professor reminded them on the spell and then what they’d now be doing it on. She didn’t mind vanishing snails, snails were an important part of the food chain but they were also gross. The teen took one, handling it as little as possible. She pointed her wand at it when they were able to and then said, ”Evanesco,” it instantly vanished, perhaps it was just that Leia super didn’t like gross creatures so she had wanted it gone as soon as was possible. She was able to practice a few times before the lesson was wrapped up and she was able to pack up her things and leave the room.

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