Transfiguration 3:5

Lesson Five: Lecture on Animagi
Leif knew there had been transfiguration professors who were Animagi before, almost wishing he could just ask one of them to give a guest lecture rather than teaching this lesson himself. He didn't think he was any less suitable to tell his students about the subject, but he would've loved for them to have the same experience as he had when he was a student. To walk into a classroom and see an animal that would turn out to be their professor. But alas.

"Today," He started his lesson, waving his wand to make a moving image of an eagle Animagus appear, watching for a second as the witch turned into an eagle and then back into her usual self every few seconds. "We'll be discussing Animagi. An Animagus is a witch or wizard who can change themselves into an animal as they wish. It's a choice that witch or wizard has made at some point. Learning to be an animagus is a lengthy and extremely tough ordeal to undergo. It takes many years of book and practical learning. Once a witch or wizard has succesfully gotten through the process to become an Animagus they must register with the Ministry. There are many regulations concerning this type of transfiguration to make sure that wizards and witches are using the skill properly. The Ministry does not want it to be used for the wrong reasons."

Leif paused to make sure he had his students' attention and allowing them a second to catch up before he could continue. "Someone who wants to become an Animgus, however, is not able to choose their own animal form. Want to be a wolf? Tough luck, your Animagus form might very well be a sheep. What determined your Animagus form is your true personality. If one is noble and brave, a lion is one possibility, but it could also very well be another animal with the same qualities. It all varies. You could potentially even simply become a sea cucumber." He said with a wink. "If you are an untrustworthy person, a slyer animal would be meant for you, like a rat or a snake," He continued.

"It is exactly this personalization that some people feel jeopardizes them when they register their animagus form. Wizards from all sides have fought against the registration of animagus. Some see it as an invasion of privacy as the information is on public record. If that's your believe it's important to remember that we live in a world full of limitless possibilities. If someone wanted to do harm in their animagus form, it's not difficult to conceal markings or other telltale signs registered with the Ministry."

He took a deep breath, before moving on. "I would like to briefly discuss the actual animagus form and transfiguration," He stated, motioning towards the image still moving in front of the blackboard. "Transfiguring into ones Animagus form does require a wand or vacalised intention, which is why it requires a lot of practice to get to that point. Once mastered it shouldn't come with too many difficulties.
While a person has transfigured into their Animagus form they are still able to control their thoughts but have some of the advantages that the animal has. The only way that you can distinguish an animagus from others of that species is through tell tale signs based on the human form.
" Professor Odegard explained, glancing around to see if his students were still with him. There was plenty more information he could get into but there wasn't any time for that. "With that, let's wrap it up for today. Please come see me if you have any questions. Class dismissed."

Roleplay the lesson for full marks.
Eloise could not believe how quickly the semester was moving by. She was trying her best to stay on top of things but it was proving to be a little more difficult at times. Still, she was sure she'd be fine. Even if she sometimes wondered why she needed to get straight O's. It was mostly for her parents, but they didn't seem too impressed by it. So why not make things a little easier for herself? Why not go for A's? Or E's? She wasn't sure.

She took her seat in the transfiguration classroom and took out her notes, ready to write down whatever things the professor had to tell them. She wrote along as he told them about Animagi, wondering what it would be like to be able to transfigure into an animal. Or what animal she would even turn into. What sort of creature would represent her true personality? She was sure her parents wouldn't approve of it though. She wrote along untill class was dismissed and then packed up her things.
Gemma felt like this semester was ending way too soon. She still had to finish up her presentation for Ancient Runes. That involved a lot of clothing design. She might have taken on too much with the costumes and all the classes that she had undertaken. The Slytherin girl would manage though. She couldn't let her decisions ruin the grades she had been working so hard to get. She was prepared. She entered the Transfiguration classroom, strutting to the front of the room. Her bright green headband leaving some glitter trail as she walked. It was perfect.

Gemma took her seat in the front row, taking out her wand. She also took out some parchment, a quill, and her ink as the lesson began. The professor stated that it was going to be a lecture. Not the most exciting thing in the world. Gemma tucked her wand away and picked up her quill. They were discussing Animagi today. This was a topic that Gemma knew off but didn't know all the details.

She jotted down notes as the professor spoke. Gemma was interested to learn that they didn't get to choose the Animagi forms. That was a bit disappointing. But Gemma never planned to be one anyway. She continued to take notes along with the long lecture. After way too much information and too many notes, the professor dismissed them. Thankfully with no homework. Gemma had enough to do. She packed up her things and left the Transfiguration classroom.
June had been busy, and kept herself busy. Taking every opportunity there was to make an impression and do well. Classes went pretty well, it was a lot of work but June was pretty quick in understanding stuff and capable of doing them. So she was pretty pleased with herself and looked forward to exams. To close of an first period and prepare for the second one with the other half of the classes she would take on. But first making sure to have amazing grades this semester.

The blonde made her way to the classroom and found her usual spot in the front. She took her writing essentials and listened as the professor started. The subject was interesting again so June made sure she had the notes of the lecture that the professor told them about Animagi. June wondered which animal she would turn into if she was capable. She had read some about it before, but it would be hilarious if she would. June actually didn't liked animals or creatures so she didn't looked forward to that. But it was something if she would want to learn perhaps was possible, but she would pass on it. June wondered if she would be an snake, it would be suiting though. But although it was the animal of their house, she didn't liked touching so slippery. It was interesting to hear about the differences between transfiguration magic into an animal and being an animagus. The blonde made sure she writed the last part down and left the room as she took her belongings.
Horror Zhefarovich could not be more relieved that he was reaching the end of the road for the semester. The final hurdle, so to speak. Some of the lessons for this week Horror was not looking forward to, but that was typical. He did not enjoy many of the classes. They were all pretty much basic. He had other interests that were well beyond the normal course of the school. He wanted to learn darker things, but how likely would it be that the school would permit such material? Very unlikely. He did look forward to the fourth year since that was when they learned more of the Unforgivable curses. Horror wondered if they would ever torture a student. He knew a few that would need it. He smirked subtly as he grabbed his belongings and headed out to the next course.

Horror walked in the Transfiguration classroom and sat down in his seat. He got out his notes and such since he assumed that they would be having a lecture. Behold, he was correct. They were going over Animagi. He knew a couple in his family, but he took notes over it regardless. Learning that skill seemed to be challenging and difficult. The ministry did not want people to use this skill for nefarious purposes, which he thought was awfully distrusting of the population as a whole. The animagus form was not chosen as much as it was just someone’s true personality. He wondered what sort of animal he would have. It was hard to say. He finished up his notes with even the tell tale signs of someone who was an animagus, and how to tell them apart. He gathered his belongings and left the classroom for the day. He could get better information from someone who was an animagus.
Oz was interested to learn more about animagi. It wasn't something he was really interested in doing himself, though he was certainly curious as to how it worked. It seemed like a more unique type of magic that came from within, so naturally it was relevant to his interests. He wasn't even sure if he could be an animagus, in all honesty. He hadn't heard of any goblin animagi. And he was mostly human, in all fairness, but he didn't know if the partial goblin blood would interfere. At least he could learn about the theory in class and be satisfied with that.

He did wonder what type of animal he'd be if he was one, more as idle curiosity, and couldn't help but frown a bit at the restrictions. It made sense, he supposed, for protection, though he was never thrilled with ministry restrictions in general. Like they'd learned with werewolves, or like he'd heard about with his family - sometimes it seemed more harmful than helpful. Though, he could actually see both sides of the argument. Oz made a few notes about how it worked - noting that it was non-verbal, wandless magic (maybe goblins would make good animagi, he thought, knowing about their talent for wandless magic) and packed up when they were dismiss, still idly wondering what sort of animal he'd be.
When Conan heard what they would be doing that lesson, he practically perked up from his seat. He'd been curious about Animagi forever, thinking about what it would be like to try and be one himself. While he knew it was years of work and wasn't going to be easy, he couldn't help but be curious about it. So, he was quiet as he listened to the lecture, hanging on the Professors every word on the subject. However, he was wise enough to take his notes as well, not wanting to accidentally forget any of this by the time exams rolled around. Conan couldn't help but wonder what animal he might be, spending just a moment to daydream about it. However, the more he thought, the more and more curious he was getting, so he did try and push those thoughts down for the time being. Eventually, however, the lesson was called to a close and Conan packed his things away before leaving the classroom. Though he still couldn't get the idea of trying to become an animagus out of his head.

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