Transfiguration 1:6

Lesson Six: Learning Gemelitiar (book into a jewellery box)

"Good morning everyone, today's lesson will be kept relatively short." Leif said cheerfully as his students took their seat. "To begin, I would like you all to please pull out your textbook and place it on your desk. For a spell. We aren't doing more theory, you can all relax." He waited for everyone to pull out their books, nodding once it looked like every desk had one. "Good. Today, we are going to turn these books into jewelry boxes. Or trinket boxes, whatever you like to think of it as."

Leif paused as several students oohed at the thought. He walked over to his desk and pulled out a book of his own to be used in the demonstration. "We will, of course, be using the three tap method as usual. The incantation is 'Gemelitiar.' Like this." Professor Odegard tapped his book three times and incanted the spell, "Gemelitiar" and the book immediately changed into a beautiful jewelry box made of mahogany wood, inscribed with sentences from the books pages in reference to its previous form. Garnets and opals accented the boxes lid.

"Easy. Try to visualise a box that suits you and what you like, draw on familiar things that are easy to visualise, or memories of jewelry boxes you've seen before. I would like all of you to begin, I will be walking around as always. After you are done, use the rest of your time to study. Exams are right around the corner after all."

Note: "Finite" is a counter-spell, not Untransfiguration, and shouldn't be used to reverse any transfigurations.

Roleplay attempting to turn your book into a jewellery box for full marks.
Teddy entered the classroom with a tired slump in his shoulders, his usually unruly hair even messier than usual. It was a clear sign that the school year was starting to take its toll, and he was more than ready for the upcoming holidays, along with a much-needed haircut. He flopped into his seat, dropping his textbook onto his desk in front of him.

When it was time to try the spell himself, Teddy imagined his mums elegant jewellery box. H e tapped his textbook three times and chanted, "Gemelitiar!" The result was far from elegant. Teddy's textbook turned into a gaudy, glitter-covered monstrosity with a tiny bejeweled handle. Teddy looked at his garish creation with a grin, it was hideous but he liked it.
Dante Styx made sure he had everything he needed. Notes? Check. Bag? Check. Wand? Check. He would always bring his wand even if the class did not require it. Wait, he needed a mirror check. Right, he was wearing pants. There were times he had nightmares where he would go to class and end up without pants. It was awkward and embarrassing. So, Dante always had a double take to ensure he would walk out without being pants-less. Dante straightened his undone tie and walked out of the Slytherin dorms to head on to his next course for the final lesson. Dante walked into the Transfiguration classroom and waited until Professor Odegard started the lesson with what they were doing. Turning their book to a jewelry box. Wow, that was boring. Dante used the method, the proper method, but it took him four tries before his book turned into a lackluster jewelry box. He got it graded, and turned back before he left the classroom for the day.
Enoch walked into the transfiguration classroom and took his usual spot in the class. Where he expected this to be a boring class with revision as it turned out they were due to be learning a spell. He listened to what the professor said, absorbing all of the information about the different steps involved in making a textbook into a jewelery box and then the professor let them get started. He looked more at the box the professor had made and visualised that in his head. He then took the textbook and his wand, and then cast ”Gemelitiar,” it took quite a while but by the end of the lesson Enoch had something. At which point he was able to pack up and leave the room.
Friday headed into the transfiguration classroom and took her spot in the room. She glanced at the professor as he got started, surprised that they would be doing some actual spell work. She watched closely, thinking that the spell looked easy. What use did she had for a text book anyway. Friday imagined in her head the jewelery box that she had at home. She imagined it in great detail in her head and then tried to cast the spell, feeling very disappointed when it didn’t immediately work. She had to try it a few times, and got something close to it by the end, but not a perfect copy. Friday then headed out of the room.
Toby was surprised to walk into the last Transfiguration lesson of the year to find he was expected to do actual work. He had full expected to just have a revision lesson or something, but apparently not. Not that he was going to complain about doing some magic, pulling out his wand as he listened to what they would be doing. Turning a book into a jewellery box didn't sound like something he was ever going to need in real life situations, but again, it was better than studying. He was quick to get to work, clearing his throat as he tapped his textbook three times, "Gemelitiar." The end result was far from perfect, but the textbook had turned into a box that could be considered a jewellery box. He figured that was good enough, moving to study for the remainder of the lesson. And then, once they were dismissed, he grabbed his things and left the classroom.

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