Third Years Lesson Six

Mallory couldn’t believe that the year had flown by so quickly. She smiled warmly as her students came into the classroom, and once everyone was seated, Mallory stood. “Hello again, my darlings. This is our final lesson of the semester before the exams. Today I would just like you to review what we’ve learned, and come to me if you have any questions about anything. Before we begin, however,” she tucked her hair behind her ear. “I would like to tell you that it has been an absolute pleasure teaching all of you this year. I have seen such remarkable improvements in all of your work. You are all growing into remarkable young witches and wizards.” Mallory smiled and moved back to her desk. “Go on, my dears, I’m here if you need anything.”
Savannah was so surprised with how quickly the semester had gone, how quickly the year had gone. She was almost a fourth year. Which felt good, she was sure she’d probably now manage to get to have a job or make some money. Which would be fun. The ravenclaw was getting herself ready for the daya, making sure she had her notes and homework. Savannah also took her notes to study with and her quidditch gear, mostly eager to just balance out her day and not get too involved in revising. With that she headed out of the dorm and to her class.

Savannah walked into the charms classroom and took her usual spot in the room. The professor got started shortly after but this wasn’t to be a long lesson, just revision. So Savannah opened her books and got to it, there was no sense in wasting time over it. She just got to work. She worked away until the professor wrapped up the lesson and dismissed them.
Gregory was so relieved that the year was almost over. The third year was just looking forward to being at home and having nothing to worry about. He felt so on edge in his classes and at school, knowing that something anything could happen. He just needed to finish the semester and then he could go home and chill out for weeks. Gregory had a whole bunch of games that he wanted to play, and places he wanted to go on the island. Gregory packed up the few things he would need for his classes, the books and notes he’d pretend to try to study with and then headed to class.

Gregory walked into the charms classroom and took his usual spot in the room. He glanced at the professor as she just let them study. Gregory opened his notes and attempted to focus on what they said, attempted to do his best to learn some of the information before the exam. It didn’t go well and he left the room feeling increasingly hopeless.
Cassius Styx felt like the semester was never going to end. No, it was more than that. It was just slow. Slow as a turtle. Some weeks felt like they would last forever, but then some just seemed like the days would repeat. Cass knew that was not the case, but the concept of time was annoying. He shoved those thoughts out of his head and grabbed his bag. He needed to leave now if he were to make it to class on time. Thus, the Slytherin third year walked out of the dorms and out of the Slytherin house to head to his class. Cassius walked into the Charms classroom, and were told that they were going to review. So, Cass reviewed his notes until the end of the period, where he packed up and left.
Anisha couldn't believe they were in the final week before exams already. The school year was almost over, and next year she would be a fourth year. That sounded awfully close to being in her OWL year, which sounded awfully close to being a graduate. Anisha wanted to slow down time, she liked being at Hogwarts a lot. She vowed to enjoy these last days before returning home to the fullest. The Gryffindor headed to the Charms class for the final lesson. The professor told them they could study for the exams, which was nice. Anisha did just that, studying and revising until the time was up. She was a little sad not to learn any new spells, but the study time was appreciated.
Terror Zhefarovich felt that the semester went by rather quickly, and that might have been because he was spending more time with Quidditch activities that he had not done before. He preferred it, though he could not wait until he was the best chaser on the team. It would take him some time. That much he knew. The Slytherin ultimately sighed as he reminded himself what he needed to do. He finished getting ready and grabbed his messenger back. He slung it over his shoulder and left the Slytherin dorms to head out to his next class. Terror walked into the Charms classroom, and then settled in for the last lesson. Professor Corrins allowed them to start studying, and then complimented them. Figures. He opened his notes and studied for the remainder of the period, and left once they were allowed.
The semester was nearly over and Leah was really dreading it. She didn’t want to deal with her parent’s fighting and was seriously considering running away to spend the holiday with her friends or maybe her family if she could get away with it. But there was an even bigger problem looming ahead of her, exams. She had wanted to do better keeping up with her studies but she somehow never managed to do it. So she made sure to show up early to the last charms lesson in the hopes she’d have time to study. Thankfully she was right and they had the class period to study. She stayed at her desk trying to focus on her notes for as long as she could until she had to leave for her next lesson.
The semester had flown by and Dezi honestly wasn't sure where the time had gone. Yes she was excited for another break, but she still didn't feel quite ready for exams. She hadn't put in enough work this semester. Although she knew she would pass, she hoped her grades would not be lacking too much. She would just have to cram this week.

The Gryffindor girl entered the Charms classroom for the last lesson of the semester, hoping the professor would give them time to cram, or well study for most people. Dezi took her seat in the room as the lesson began. The professor explained that they were reviewing today and said some kind words to them. Dezi smiled brightly back at the professor before taking out her textbook, the main source of information this year. She began to flip through the chapters and read what she felt were the most important parts.

Dezi continued to do this for the rest of the lesson. There was more to read than she had imagined, but she did her best. When the class was dismissed, Dezi stuck a piece of parchment into the chapter where she stopped before packing up her things and leaving the Charms classroom.

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