Third Years, Lesson Six

Professor Carter sat behind his desk waiting for his third years for their last lesson of the semester. He had rather enjoyed taking them out on field trips almost every lesson and hoped that the students had also liked his ingenious idea as much as he did. He wanted his students to be able to freely travel the world and he knew that by doing that they would learn as much as possible. When the students finally entered the Greenhouse, he quickly started the lesson. "Good morning class, today will be an easy class as we will just be going over everything we have learned over the semester in preparation for the exams," He waved his hand and the blackboard wheeled itself out of the storeroom and towards the front of the class. Notes on everything from the semester appeared. "Now, who would like to explain what Sage is?" Hands were raised and Landon pointed to a student sitting in the front row. He listened to their explanation and beamed when they managed to get the answer right.

"Yes, Perfect! 3 points to your house! Sage is a herb believed to ward off negative energies. Does anyone know which magical creature uses it most?" Landon acknowledged someone sitting further back this time and smiled at them when they answered correctly. "Thank you! 2 points to you." he told them, happy that they were all willing to answer his questions. "Can anyone remember the name of the tea we tried last lesson?" Landon was testing their memory now and was surprised when a smaller student managed to get it right. "1 point to you!" he exclaimed, giving them a curt nod.

As the lesson came to an end the professor sent the board back into the storeroom and spoke to the class. "Ok class that's enough revising for today, pack away your notes and you may leave. Good luck on your exams!"


Assignment: RP the lesson. First three different people to answer the questions get points. Don't forget to post in the make-up topic for any lessons you may have missed.
Savannah was so surprised with how quickly the semester had gone, how quickly the year had gone. She was almost a fourth year. Which felt good, she was sure she’d probably now manage to get to have a job or make some money. Which would be fun. The ravenclaw was getting herself ready for the daya, making sure she had her notes and homework. Savannah also took her notes to study with and her quidditch gear, mostly eager to just balance out her day and not get too involved in revising. With that she headed out of the dorm and to her class.

Savannah walked into the herbology greenhouse and took his usual spot in the room. His gaze moved towards the professor at the front of the room as he got started. They would be revising. She glanced at the board and took down a few bits and pieces from what was written on there. Things her own notes didn’t have. She listened to the question and answers given from all of the students and professor, but was glad when it wasn’t that many and when she was not called upon to answer. With that the lesson was wrapped up and Savannah packed up her things and left the room.
Gregory was so relieved that the year was almost over. The third year was just looking forward to being at home and having nothing to worry about. He felt so on edge in his classes and at school, knowing that something anything could happen. He just needed to finish the semester and then he could go home and chill out for weeks. He had a whole bunch of games that he wanted to play, and places he wanted to go on the island. Gregory packed up the few things he would need for his classes, the books and notes he’d pretend to try to study with and then headed to class.

Gregory walked into the herbology greenhouse and took his usual spot in the room. He glanced towards the professor at the front of the class as the man got started. He didn’t like this immediately, shrinking into himself as he desperately tried to avoid getting picked even though the professor was exclusively going for people with their hands up, which was not him. He was relieved when the lesson finally came to an end and he was able to pack up and rush out of the room.
Cassius Styx felt like the semester was never going to end. No, it was more than that. It was just slow. Slow as a turtle. Some weeks felt like they would last forever, but then some just seemed like the days would repeat. Cass knew that was not the case, but the concept of time was annoying. He shoved those thoughts out of his head and grabbed his bag. He needed to leave now if he were to make it to class on time. Thus, the Slytherin third year walked out of the dorms and out of the Slytherin house to head to his class. Cassius walked into the greenhouses, where they would be studying. An oral quiz. He raised his hand to explain what sage was. "Sage is a type of herb that when burned, is used to ward of negative energy." Cass finished off the rest the notes since he did not want to answer any others. He packed his notes and left upon dismissal.
Anisha couldn't believe they were in the final week before exams already. The school year was almost over, and next year she would be a fourth year. That sounded awfully close to being in her OWL year, which sounded awfully close to being a graduate. Anisha wanted to slow down time, she liked being at Hogwarts a lot. She vowed to enjoy these last days before returning home to the fullest. The Gryffindor headed to the Herbology classroom and took her seat. The professor said he would ask them some questions to prepare for the exams, and Anisha was excited. She raised her hand at the first question, but to her annoyance, Cassius Styx was picked to answer instead. Thankfully, Anisha managed to get picked for the next one. "Gui Pi Wan." She said quickly. Then she listened as someone else answered the third question. The lesson wrapped up soon after, and she left the classroom once they were dismissed.
Terror Zhefarovich felt that the semester went by rather quickly, and that might have been because he was spending more time with Quidditch activities that he had not done before. He preferred it, though he could not wait until he was the best chaser on the team. It would take him some time. That much he knew. The Slytherin ultimately sighed as he reminded himself what he needed to do. He finished getting ready and grabbed his messenger back. He slung it over his shoulder and left the Slytherin dorms to head out to his next class. Terror settled in the Herbology greenhouse, and listened to what they would be doing. They were going over an oral review, which was rather easy. He didn't answer any of them, nor did he try either. He just made sure he had everything down, and left when Professor Carter allowed them to.
Leah felt a sense of melancholy as the end of the semester approached. She knew her break would be spent doing the same thing as always, being pulled back and forth between her parents. Weren’t they tired of this already? She knew she was. Maybe she could run away and spend the holiday with Anisha or Chase, or maybe her uncle, wherever he was. But she still had to make it through exams, which was going to be easier said than done when it came to herbology. She hadn’t studied as much as she had planned and had to make up for it now. At least they spent the lesson reviewing the material they had learned. She had hoped they might have more time to study but she was still glad they didn’t learn anything new. She wasn’t sure she could have handled that. As instructed she packed up her things as they were dismissed.
Dezi knew the professor probably wasn't going to let them go on another field trip. Two seemed the limit for any class in a semester, but she hoped she was wrong. She could use a field trip with the exams looming. The Gryffindor girl entered the Herbology Greenhouse. She took her seat as normal, striking up a conversation with the student next to her. It was more of a one-sided conversation, but Dezi didn't mind. She talked and talked until the professor began the lesson.

They were just reviewing today, which wasn't ideal. Dezi could use the practice though. She listened as the professor asked a few questions. She raised her hand for each one but was not called on. A little disappointing but not the end of the world. With the end of that, the professor dismissed the class. Dezi thanked him for a year before leaving the Herbology Greenhouse, heading back to the castle.

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