Third Year Charms Lesson Three

Mallory couldn’t believe the year was already halfway over. She really couldn’t. She thought she really had been doing well, none of the students seemed to outwardly hate her, though she could sense several that seemed annoyed in classes. That was to be expected, however, she didn’t expect every student to adore classes. She hummed lightly, setting up the classroom for that days lesson, eager for class to begin.

She smiled warmly at the students as they came into class, ignoring Amara who had curled up in Mallory’s chair. “Good morning, everyone, take a seat,” she folded her hands, turning to face her class. Her robes were a soft white today, with matching white daisies dotting her chocolate braid. “Today, we will be learning two new spells. Perhaps not the most exciting spells, but they are important, all the same,” She turned, her back to them as she pulled out her wand. With a silent mutter of the incantation, she began to write with her wand, facing away so that when she was done the students could see the words clearly, Flagrate and Aparecium.

Flagrate is the incantation for wand writing while Aparecium is for the Revealing Charm," She explained, turning back to the students. "Wand writing is a basic skill that wizards learn to use. The Revealing Charm is used to reveal secret messages in the form of invisible ink. And while it is a handy charm, it isn’t tolerated during your exams," she smiled fondly, “Trust me, my brother tried and it never worked,” she chuckled, heart twinging a little as she thought of Dimitri.

"Today, you will be practicing both charms, but for now, I want you all to write a message for one of your classmates. Just one. It can be anything from an apology, a prank, a confession, nonsense even. Whatever suits your fancy. But you will be using these," She smiled, flicking her wand and passing out a bottle of ink, a quill, and a small strip of parchment to each student's desk. “That is invisible ink. Just a small message if you please. And don't put your name in the end. It'll be sent as anonymous,” She gave them all several moments to write their messages, before calling back the quill and ink. “Alright, now you will practice revealing the ink on your own notes. Feel free to give them to the intended recipient after class is dismissed.

Mallory smiled, “The key to the Revealing Charm is concentration, three-tap method and the incantation, 'AH-par-EH-see-um'. Aparecium,” she instructed, clasping her hands together. “Let’s discuss the next charm,” she began, moving slowly across the floor.

In wand writing, like most spells, you need to be able to say the incantation properly. In this case, it will be 'fla-GRA-tay'. Say it with me,” she kept an eye on her students, watching to see if any of them were struggling. They went over the pronunciation a few times before Mallory smiled. “Very good. Now, aside from pronunciation, the only thing you need is concentration. Unlike other spells where you just need to empty your mind and visualize, this one is a bit different.

She paused, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “You need to concentrate your magic to the tip of your wand, and imagine it as quill, pencil, pen, or whatever sort of writing material if you please,” she instructed. “Now, wands out, please,” she waited a moment for the students to comply.

One last thing, my dears, with constant practice, you will be able to switch the places of what you have written or drawn with a flick of your wand, and also make them fade when you please," She informed them with a smile, knowing she had a few overachievers in her class that might enjoy that piece of information. With that she set them loose to practice, wondering about in case anyone needed assistance.​
Savannah was glad that the valentine’s celebration had passed. She was much more eager for duelling and to be able to just focus on her classes. She knew she could be a little lazier when it came to the celebrations and she didn’t have to go, but it wasn’t like there was much else for her to do at the school. She was happier just focusing on her schooling and focusing on doing what she wanted. School events were lame, but lazying around alone in the dorm while everyone else had fun was even more lame. But it didn’t matter it was over and she could focus on what mattered. Savannah grabbed the last few things and headed out the dorm.

Savannah walked into the charms classroom and took her usual spot in he room. She glanced at the professor as the woman got started. They’d be learning two spells. She nodded and took her notes, writing down a little of what the professor was telling them about the spell. She wrote a message to a classmate as they were supposed to and then swapped it with someone. Savannah practiced the incantations with the rest of the class, making sure what she was saying it correctly, and then eventually the professor handed the lesson over to them to get started. Savannah practiced the revealing charm first and then the flagrate curse, doing the latter more easily than the former. She practiced both of them until the lesson was wrapped up and she was able to leave the room.
Things were slowly getting to a good rhythm for the third year Slytherin. Cassius Styx minded his own business and didn’t bother anyone this year yet. In fact, some might even say that he was being nice. Although, him being nice was equivalent to just not punching people in the face. Cass got ready for his next lesson, and made sure that he looked rather good. Pants were straight, robes were neat, and his tie was perfect. Took him several hours to relearn how to put his tie back on over the break. It was a skill he doubted he would use after school, honestly. He was not going into that sort of career if he could help it. Cass grabbed his back, slung it over his shoulder, and left the Slytherin house.

Cass walked into the Charms classroom and did not look forward to what he would be learning today. At least, whatever it was, he did not want any help with it. Snowdrop offered him help last lesson, and he exploded on her. Cass did not regret it either, since he thought it was for the best for him. They were learning Flagrate, which was wand writing, and Aparecium was the revealing charm. Both were rather boring. He decided to write a message to Veronica, saying that her outfit looked okay. And then he revealed the message with the spell. At least that worked. The next spell was the wand writing spell. He concentrated on the spell and it worked after two times. He packed up and got left the charms classroom since neither spell could really do him any good.
Ruto entered the charms classroom wondering what new spells she was going to learn that lesson. She took her usual seat within the room, preventing her attention to the front with the professor was looking at the maul with a smiling face. She began talking about a revealing charm, followed by writing charm. She was unsure why the professor trusted them so much to write a secret letter, but truthfully Roo had found it quite entertaining. She wrote a silly note using the invisible ink provided, and then practised using the revealing charm. This one proved to be quite easy, and then eventually the professor taught them the writing charm, which Roo practised with the class as well. Soon enough, the Ravenclaw left the classroom when she was dismissed and headed straight to her next class.
Leah was surprisingly on time to her lessons this week and was comfortably seated before the professor began the lecture. She was excited to be learning two spells again and was eager to get to work. She paid attention as both charms were explained to her even though she had made sure to do the reading before class. Still, it was nice to hear it from the professor. Leah eagerly took the quill and invisible ink and got to work writing a message to send to her friend. She spent the rest of the class practicing the spells and pocketed the note to give out later.
Dezi wished she could always have a cheering charm on her. Although she was happy in general, that charm was simply amazing. She felt like she could tackle the world. But the Gryffindor girl knew they were moving on today. She had read the charm chapters that she needed to, even if it had taken her longer since she kept losing focus. She felt rather prepared as she entered the Charms classroom.

Dezi took her seat in the room making small talk with the person next to her for a few minutes before the lesson began. She set her bag on the ground as the professor began to lecture about the two charms. She had read the chapters and honestly didn't feel like taking notes on anything right now. So she just listened. She did repeat the incantations as needed before getting to work.

Dezi accepted the invisible ink that was given to her. She took a little while to think of a message deciding on something simple at the end. She held up her wand and imagined that she was holding a quill inside. It was a silly image, but that was what the professor told them to do. "Flagrate" she said slowly. Nothing happened. She tried again this time not sounding out the syllables. The writing began to appear for just a moment before disappearing due to the ink.

Now it was time. She switched notes with someone before trying the second spell. "Aparecium" she said tapping the parchment in front of her. The words began to appear. She read over the note smiling. Some people were so nice. That brought the lesson to an end. Dezi packed up her things, note included, before leaving the Charms classroom.

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